Trader Joe's and ACV....

rockstarnurserockstarnurse Registered Users Posts: 48
Anyone know if JT's has a leave-in conditioner? And if so, is it good? Also, I see a lot of you do an ACV rinse in your hair. What is the purpose of this, and exactly how do you use it? Thanks.


  • dxwashdxwash Registered Users Posts: 245
    I have not used TJ as a leave in but I love it as a co wash and mixed with honey for a rinse out. I used ACV rinse to help clarify and restore hair PH balance. I mix about 1 table spoon of ACV with 2 cups of water. I apply the mixture to my hair after I co wash or clean with a poo bar. Leave on for about 5 minutes rinse and follow with my conditioner or DT.

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