Greetings from Norway

nordicanordica Registered Users Posts: 7
Hello you all. I'm new here, and happy happy happy as I've discovered this curly community!! This forum is amazing, and I hope I will get som help with my frizzy curls as I read and learn from you. You have knowledge I didn't even know existed :)

I think I'm mainly a 3a, or at least I was a couple of years ago before my hair went crazy...

I have always worn my har curly - until I was 16 I even wore it without any styling at all - I was convinced products would make my dry hair worse. Luckily I met another curly, who showed me how to use gel and foam. And "out of nowhere" my frizz was replaced with bouncy, shiny curls and spirals. At some point I even think I was a 3b..
But, that was then.. Now, 16 yars later my hair is a mess, again. Frizz all over, seems like my curls are gone. Even though I'm quite a PJ, and constantly trying out new stuff. Nothing seems to help. Of course, everyting I use have sulfates, cones, glycerin.. It never crossed my mind to read the ingreedient lists to find out what works ant what doesen't. If it said "curl" or "anti frizz" on the bottle I would use it.. :toothy7:

After pokeing around here for a week, I've decided to go CG of some sort. I also want to switch to organic products. Only drawback is I ordered som really expensive Alterna products (with cones and sulfates) only a few days before I stumbled across this forum and the CG method.. Well, in a month or so I will definetly try CG, almost can't wait. :blob7:


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    Mod CG-Naturally Highly Porous and Dry
     *This list is not exhaustive...
    CoWash: various
    DT: various
    Leave-in: 100% Mafura butter, Shima Hair Leave-in 
    Stylers: MoroccanOil Curl Defining Cream, various
    Spritz/Sealant:not now
    *experimenting and loving it!
  • RyanneRyanne Registered Users Posts: 686
    Welcome, good luck with going CG.
  • bettinflabettinfla Registered Users Posts: 389 Curl Neophyte
    You will love it here -- so much information and so many things to try. My hair loves me for finding this spot.
    Homemade FSG, CK, KCCC and BRHG. Co wash w/Suave, or soap bars (occasionally) or Come Clean (Kinky Curly).
  • nordicanordica Registered Users Posts: 7
    Thank you for welcoming me :)

    I already have learned so much by reading and getting answers in a thread i posted.
    - looking forward to get started.
  • Noelle1966Noelle1966 Registered Users Posts: 87
    Hejsan, norska flicka! I can totally relate to you. If it said "No frizz" I would buy it. Some products worked, some didn't. I live in Florida, so my hair deals with a lot of humidity. I would travel to Sweden in the summer and even though the humidity is less, my hair would still seem frizzy.
    3A. I like Wella Kolestral. I also like a lot of products made by Nexxus.

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