Hello! Newbie from Wisconsin

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Hello anyone and everyone!
Im a college student with 3a hair and absolutely no time to style it. In fact, all I do in the winter is diffuse it until it's dry enough to not freeze and stick in a low ponytail under a hat. (low maintenance, even if it's not the prettiest). And for anyone who knows Wisconsin in the summer, the humidity is bad enough to kill - so anti-friz serum is my best friend.
I've had my hair REALLY short and i've had it really long - I'm currently about two inches past the shoulders curly (4 inches straight) and in the process of growing it longer.
I've had the hardest time finding a hair dresser - as most of us have - made worse by a crappy budget and the fact that the majority of people up here have stick-straight hair. worse, im the only daughter in my family and my mom has the type of hair that won't even hold a perm, so you could say she doesn't really understand.
If anyone has any tips about finding a hairdresser that can cut curls without just taking someone random and praying, I would absolutely love you!
Also, If anyone knows how to avoid that stupid straight chunk of hair on top left by a ponytail, even after a washing, I am desperately in need of help! Everytime my hair grows long I have this problem, and then i get frustrated and cut it back to chin-length.
So hello all! I'll do my best to share my tips and tricks around here, and I hope to learn some of yours!
type: 3b hair with some 3a on the top layers.
length: a little past the shoulders
Wash process: silicone free, with a weekly sulfate wash (give or take, depending on the season)


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    glad you're here. you're in the right place.

    you can find great stylists/salons and our user reviews of them at curlsalons. just choose wisconsin, your city and any of the salons.

    as for hair post ponytail:
    after showering: when hair is damp and after product has been put in, apply duckbill clips and air dry
    dry hair: scrunch water in it

    don't work: my guess is that you wear your hair up so often, it has been trained to lay straight.

    regardless, poke around and have fun


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