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rockstarnurserockstarnurse Registered Users Posts: 48
Has anyone faithfully used or ever tried Kiehl's products? I was all set to order at least three products from their website, and decided to read the ingredients list. Parabens? Multiple alcohols? Salicylic acid? And about a thousand other 14 letter words I can't pronounce. This surprises me that these products aren't more natural than they are, (even though they claim to be) because they are highly popular in the celebrity arena. I get Lucky Magazine and Harper's Bazaar on a monthly basis, and they are always praising the effectiveness of Kiehl's products, and talking about what celebrity uses what. Am I over reacting? Or are they actually effective?


  • KynnibKynnib Registered Users Posts: 999
    very effective for me. The leave in is great and i also use the straightening cream to flat iron my hair. I love it too
    4a hair. MOD CG routine.

    Present Loves
    -Back on the (rajasthani) henna train! My hair is so much better now.
    -KBB hair butter mixed with Hairveda Cocasta oil
    -Spiral Solutions Deeply Decadent
  • afrosheenqueenafrosheenqueen Registered Users Posts: 5,400 Curl Connoisseur
    I've used the leave-in for 4-5 years now. Its my HG. I also tried their the Olive Pak Restorative Conditioner. It was good but I don't if it was worth the price.

    The rest of the shampoos and conditioners I tried were okay/mediocre but not great. I won't purshase them again.
    4a/b Texlaxed hair w/ highlights. Medium texture & high porosity.

    HG's: CJ Daily Fix, Bobeam Cheris Hibiscus shampoo bar, KC Spiral Spritz, Knot Today, CJ Rehab, KBB LL Hair Mask, Cassia, KCCC, oil blend of Avocado, Camellia, Jojoba, & Meadowfoam oils


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