I am sooo new and somewhat lost!

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Hello All! I am very new to this site, desperate to get my hair to the curls i know I can have. Sporadically, I do something right to where my spirals are PERFECT, but i can never remember what I did, and it takes forever to recreate. Just looking for the right product to make my hair better and healthier. I've straightned it so much (flat iron) because my DH loves my hair straight or curled with an iron, but I hate putting so much heat on my hair. Especially since I am trying to grow it back out! I want to show him that my NATURAL hair is worth loving too (although he doesn't consider it "natural" because I have to put product in my hair to get rid of frizz. BAH! What do men know?! Can you believe we actually had an arguement about it?)

Oh, and if it matters, I am of mixed nationalities. I am 1/4 parts each of Irish, Choctaw Native American, Mulatto Haitian, and Black. According to the standards set by NaturallyCurly.com, I am a mix between 3b and 3c, moreso 3b. Nice to meet you all!



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    definitely read the ingredients to your shampoo + conditioners. silicones and sulfates are not your friend. have you tried the no poo method?

    this will help with the jargon in curltalk

    poke around and have fun

  • aijuswhanaknoaijuswhanakno Registered Users Posts: 5
    Well up until this point, i've certainly had my own version of the "No Poo" method. I would still use shampoo about every week or so. In between, I would put a really good conditioner on my hair and let it sit (i didnt act like i was washing my hair tho) while i showered. Then I rinsed with cold water and reapplied, scrunching, and let it dry, not rinsing. Im checking all my labels now for ingredients, although one is more difficult because its Japanese!!! Tsubaki Golden Repair.....anyone heard of it?? It seems to be VERY conditioning shampoo for me, so we'll see :)
  • aijuswhanaknoaijuswhanakno Registered Users Posts: 5
    oh no! so i found "laureth sulfate" in my Japanese Tsubaki Shampoo! Noooo, i love that brand! There stuff makes my hair so soft and shiny when i straighten my hair! Oh well, i guess since im not gonna be straightening it much, i'll just save it for those rare times :(

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