defuser=no spirals. help?

curlykaitycurlykaity Registered Users Posts: 10
well i have a conair ionic curl defuser; it's not shaped like most defusers, its sort of a lolipop shaped. see.

well when i let my hair air dry my hair spirals, but it takes 3 hours to dry completly.So i use my defuser instead. i scrunch my with gel-creame stuff and dry it. but it only drys as waves, like the waves i have when its wet.

is there any way to use my diffuser and still have my spirals?


  • curlyjenn10curlyjenn10 Registered Users Posts: 2,034
    Have you tried pixie-curling?

    This is the only way I can diffuse. No frizz, keeps my curls, and cuts down on drying time.
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  • curlykaitycurlykaity Registered Users Posts: 10
    thank you much
  • smiley88smiley88 Registered Users Posts: 27
    have you tried diffusing with your head up-side down?
    I have a more standard looking diffuser, but it only really produces poof-free curls for me if i have my head upside down.
    and be careful you aren't drying it all the way. leaving a little moisture seems to keep the curls intact better too.
    I have 3a hair, so im not sure it will work the same for tight spirals.
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  • buffiebuffie Registered Users Posts: 184
    I have a typical bowl shaped diffuser and use it everyday and always get curls.

    You said you scrunch. Are you doing it while diffusing? Because if you are touching your hair while it is drying it will more than likely not curl and will produce only waves.

    I just cradle my hair with the diffuser while having it on low speed and low heat.

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    Have discovered I cannot live without KCCC and plopping. Always knew that I was dependant on my diffuser.
  • curlykaitycurlykaity Registered Users Posts: 10
    well i also have 3a hair and i dont have tight spirals more loose spirals.
    and i scrunch before defusing

    maybe its the defuser?

    oh and thanks for all the replies :)
  • melaniesusanmelaniesusan Registered Users Posts: 948 Curl Neophyte
    Have you tried pixie-curling?

    Curlyjenn10, is this your haircut day? I saw today's date listed in your signature. Trying anything new? Good luck!:drunken:
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  • curlyjenn10curlyjenn10 Registered Users Posts: 2,034
    Have you tried pixie-curling?

    Curlyjenn10, is this your haircut day? I saw today's date listed in your signature. Trying anything new? Good luck!:drunken:

    Thanks! Yeah, I have about two hours until the big cut. I'm nervous, which is kind of funny. This is my first post-CG cut, but my stylist is the one I've had for years.

    I'm thinking of going with this, maybe a bit longer, but I'm not sure if that would work well for my type. It's been a while since I've had shorter hair and I don't know how it'll work out now that I'm curlier.

    Sorry for the guano, lol.
    CG since 6/15/08!
    Medium-Fine/Normal Porosity
  • lebanesecurlylebanesecurly Registered Users Posts: 161
    Do you diffuse while your hair is still soaking wet? I can't do that. I have to do my hair, then let it air dry for at least a half an hour (though I usually wait a whole hour if I've got time). That way, my spirals have time to kind of form and pick up on their own. Then is the only time that I can diffuse. It took me weeks to figure it out haha.
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  • curlykaitycurlykaity Registered Users Posts: 10
    no. i never thought about that. thanks :)
  • JLeighsJLeighs Registered Users Posts: 904 Curl Novice
    I can't diffuse when my hair is soaking wet --I get lots of poof and frizz, but very little curl. I wait a minimum of an hour before diffusing.
    2C/3A, fine, higher porosity.
  • danna harrisdanna harris Registered Users Posts: 55 Curl Neophyte
    I have had great success with "plopping" my hair in a microfiber towel - soaking wet. Then I got the Deva diffuser for my bday. It looks like a hand. I get it close to the scalp and leave the ends alone!!!
    The innersense shea butter and orange oil makes it spring on the ends, but only on the ends. I even have some natural shea that is so hard I have to let it melt. I put that on the ends and my hair has never been so happy.
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