Ref PSF/Essential Day Spa: Bank of Am AND Canadian/US currency conversion???

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I received my statement from Bank of America and see that the fees I was charged from them for ordering PSF from Essential Day Spa are not what EDS took out according to the shipping paperwork.

For example, the bill was for $78.70 USD from EDS.

The BofA statement says $80.80. That's $2.10 more.

Then on a separate line there's a $2.42 International Conversion Fee!

I understand the International Conversion Fee. But there wasn't any conversion needed that I can tell. Isn't that what EDS did already = USD?

Can anyone tell me WTH is going on here? I'm completely confused.


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    I am wondering, depending on when your card was charged, could the exchange rate have changed? From reading below, it looks as if BofA charged you a currency conversion fee because EDS charged your card in Canadian dollars.

    I found the following on their website:

    Prices / Currencies

    All shown prices are in the currency indicated in your shopping cart. However, regardless of your location and currency that you are shopping in, your VISA/MC account will be charged the converted amount in Canadian Dollars.

    We use an exchange rate that is very favorable for you so in most cases your charge should be actually lower then what your shopping cart indicated. If you see a discrepancy of more than 1% or over $1.63 USD to your disadvantage, please do not hesitate to contact us with a request for adjustment.

    If you would like to convert Canadian Dollars to your currency, or your currency to Canadian Dollars, in order to see the approximate charge that will appear on your VISA/MC statement, then please use a currency converter.
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    I did contact them & they tried to help me figure it out. They said they'd give me a credit if the bank couldn't help me. The bank doesn't know what happened. They think it's on EDS's end. But I'm not ordering again from EDS because I'll get charged foreign currency transaction fees from my bank again & who knows, maybe the screw up in conversion will happen again. No thanks. But I'll contact them again. Maybe they can cut me a check. :dontknow:
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    I've been ordering from EDS for a few years, about 4-5 times per year. I have a charge card (not debit) and I only see a fee charged on my credit card bill -- never have seen one charged on the EDS site, but I have the order converted to US dollars at the time I place it. Maybe I've missed this conversion fee difference all this time, but I doubt it.

    EDS is a top-notch company to deal with. I would not hesitate to give them business in the future. JMO.
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