Curly hair and dye questions

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My hair is growing out very nicely these days and I've stayed strong, natural, and curly for 7 months now and feel ready to dye my hair. I know the new style is dying hair all kinds of odd-ball colors (purple, blue, etc.) just in the front or in certain sections. Would I have to go to a special hair salon to get my hair frosted on the tips because it is curly? I'm looking into getting the tips frosted a reddish-pink color, but I doubt I'll really do that. More than likely I will get highlights, frosted tips, or just the back dyed a couple of shades lighter than my own color. Advice is welcome on possible colors that will go with my skin tone (everyone seems to hate it when I dye it black)!
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    if your colorist knows what theyre doing, then you shouldnt have to go to a salon that specializes in curly hair.

    about 3 yrs ago, i had my hair colored black and the back section near my nape was purple. it was a pain in the rear because the purple kept fading, so ultimately i ended up having it colored an auburn-ish shade. so if you do go for a bold color, just keep the fading in mind.

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