How many colors do you use?

starinastarina Posts: 665Registered Users Curl Neophyte
On your eyes, that is. Those little makeup kits with 3 and 4 coordinating eye colors look so inviting, but I don't have much of an eyelid, so I don't need much in the way of eye shadow. I was just wondering how many people actually use all those colors?
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  • LucilleLucille Posts: 588Registered Users
    Depends. On a daily basis, none. If the urge strikes for no reason, 2. If a special occasion, 3 or 4. (The rarest 4th being a sparkly white as a highlighter.)
  • three rivers curlythree rivers curly Posts: 994Registered Users
    Usually 2 occasionally 3.
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  • CurlsWannaHaveFunCurlsWannaHaveFun Posts: 251Registered Users
    Usually 2-3 at most (and that's counting 1 as a liner color). More than that I just don't have the skill to make look good.
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  • ChakraChakra Posts: 172Registered Users
    Most of the time I use 2 colors. Sometimes I will use 3. I never use 4 because I can never do it well.
  • FrizzyMFrizzyM Posts: 46Registered Users
    Only two. Well, if you count eyeliner then it's three. Nothing fancy. One pale or neutralish eyeshadow color over the lid. Then a bit of eyeliner. Then some complimentary darker shade of eyeshadow for a little contour. That's as creative as I get.
  • newlynaturalnewlynatural Posts: 84Registered Users
    I use two, not including eyeliner.
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  • starinastarina Posts: 665Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Hmmm. Seems like most folks use two colors on average. Wonder who buys those things then? Or do you buy them because you might like one or two colors in the kit?
    I have 3A hair. I've discovered Jessicurl shampoo and Too Shea conditioner and I'm thrilled! Long-time LA Looks sport gel user.
  • ScarletScarlet Posts: 3,125Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I use three, all by Bobbi Brown:

    Woodrose on the entire lid

    Blonde in the crease

    Cocoa as liner
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  • rouquinnerouquinne Posts: 13,737Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    daily basis, 2 plus liner.

    last night i went a bit overboard, but when The Boy woke up from his nap, took a look at me and said WOW, it was worth it!


    i was wearing all MAC (of course!) - Orange Tangent on inner third of lid, Sumptuous Olive on rest of lid, Shale in the crease, lined with Embark, Goldbit on the brow bone!

    we were going to a party!
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  • lauren1904lauren1904 Posts: 19Registered Users
    Eye makeup is my weakness...well...that and shoes...

    But I use 2 or 3 for day makeup and 3 or 4 (sometimes even 5) for nighttime

    In case you're wondering how I fit all those colors on my lid here's my routine:
    I use a neutral color all over and a darker color at the outer corner and into the crease (for contour). then I use a highlighter just under my brows and in the inner corner of my eyes. Depending on my mood, I'll smudge in some eyeliner too (mostly to the outer corner top and bottom).

    On my 5 color nights- I start with the darkest color on the outer corner and work my way in 3 colors to the lightest in the inner. I also higlight my brow bone and inner corner.

    It's fun!!
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  • CaryCary Posts: 102Registered Users
    Hows this for a lot of colors?
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