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hey ladies! frankly, i'm sick of lipglosses. they look great for about five minutes then they fade off and then my lips feel just...wierd. AND when you apply more, it can look a bit TOO glossy under a chapstick. grr. that said, i'm looking to try lipstick. i'm young and i'm quite scared of lipstick. the only one i've used (covergirl trushine) ended up looking clown-ish and builds up WAY too much if you want to reapply (because it doesn't last).

i'm looking for a durgstore lipstick that has:

-subtle color; i like a nice tint or sheen, but strong colors look clownish against my skin tone

-moisture: i hate having dry lips!

-not too matte: again, it looks dry.

-lasts: i hate reapplying lip gloss in school because i remember at odd times and its faded and gone by the time i DO remember. hence, some last would be nice.

thanks :hello2:

hair type: 3c/4a, naturally super soft, and really prone to frizz.

:love7:i heart naturally curly hair!


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    Revlon Lip Butters!!!!!!!! They are amazing!!
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    My suggestion would be to look on YouTube and find a few vlogers that have a similar skin tone as yourself that are using drugstore lipsticks. That way you may be able to get some color and brand suggestions as well as application techniques to help you get the look you desire.

    The key to lipstick is that different undertones/shades look better on some people than others (IMO). Also, you can make just about any lipstick more wearable by using lip liners or even mixing lip colors. I actually prefer darker and/or brighter lipstick colors because my skintone is darker and it "pops" more. Anything too light or muted tends to look "chalky" or "ashy" on me. I've seen some darker women totally pull off that beige nude lip look but on me it looks like powdered donut

    When you get a few colors that you want to buy, purchase from CVS or walgreens because they have a return policy on makeup where you can bring it back and exchange/return it within 30 days if you don't like it. That gives you time to try it out around the house and experiment a bit. If you find you just can't make a color work or it doesn't look like you thought it would, you haven't lost any money and can exchange it for something else that might work better.

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    The Revlon Lip Butters are fantastic. Also the ELF Mineral lipsticks. Both the Revlon and Elf Mineral lippies give nice natural subtle color that isn't too in your face. Both are very moisturizing but not greasy. I wouldn't say they are super long wearing but they definitely last longer on the lips than a lip gloss. Furthermore, both have a decent amount of colors.

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