For those of you who have really good sleepers...

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Where does your baby sleep?

Do they sleep on their tummy or back?

What is the average amount of time that they sleep?

How old are they?

Breastfed or formula fed



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    Where does your baby sleep? During the day he's either sleeping in my arms, bouncy seat, or sleeps in the carseat if we're out and about. At night he sleeps in his PnP. If he's being a stinker some nights he sleeps next to me in bed because the paci keeps falling out of his mouth. He's had a few nights where he was so wired he couldn't go to sleep and he cried for what seemed like forever (an hour max, but what a long hour!).

    Do they sleep on their tummy or back? Back

    What is the average amount of time that they sleep? All night (around 10pm until about 8am) waking up 1 or 2 times to nurse. He doesn't have a set nap schedule during the day though. He just sleeps when he wants (w/ help of course).

    How old are they? 3 months 1 week

    Breastfed or formula fed Breastfed

    ETA: I think Soren is a good sleeper because so far he's a better sleeper than his big brothers. DS#1 was colic-y and spit up/puked all the time. DS#2 had his days and nights mixed up (probably partially my fault for letting it get that bad) and it was a pain to get him back on track.
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    Lucy was/is a great sleeper.

    She slept in her own crib in my room for the first three months and then moved into her own room. From the time she was born, she would only wake up twice a night to eat.

    She slept on her back, until she was able to roll over.

    She would sleep from 8-7:30. If she did wake up I just had to give her a pacifier and she went right back to sleep. She didn't get on a good nap routine until about 6 months or so, but when she did she would sleep from 10-12 and then again from 3-5. Even if she would wake up early from a nap, I would just leave her there because she loved to lounge in her crib. Now she naps/lounges from about 1:30-4:30.

    She started sleeping through the night at 3 months. She's almost 2 1/2 now.

    She was bottle fed breastmilk until she was 8 months old. Then we switched to formula.

    My second DD is a pretty good sleeper, but she still wakes up once or twice a night to nurse and she's still sleeping in my room (in her own crib though). She's 13 months old.
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    Where does your baby sleep?

    We co-slept from the start.

    Do they sleep on their tummy or back?

    Now, he rolls all over. Before, I would put him down on his back, but he'd usually roll onto his side.

    What is the average amount of time that they sleep?

    Now at 11 months, he sleeps from 8-9 pm to 7-8 am. When he was smaller and napped more during the day, he slept from about 10-11 pm (our bedtime) to 8 am. This is from about 3-4 months on.

    How old are they?
    11 months

    Breastfed or formula fed

    Formula now, but was almost exclusively BFed until 7-8 months.
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    I'll answer for both my boys. My older son was a very good sleeper. I had been at my wits' end with my younger son's sleeping habits, but now I think he's finally becoming a good sleeper too.

    Where does your baby sleep?

    Both babies started out co-sleeping in our bed and sometimes sleeping in a cradle next to our bed. By about 4 months, my husband and I were waking up the baby and no one was sleeping as well, so we moved the baby to a crib in another room. This was true for both boys.

    Do they sleep on their tummy or back?

    Back. Now Oliver sometimes turns over to his side. I tried tummy sleeping with both of them a couple times, but they definitely preferred their back or side.

    What is the average amount of time that they sleep?

    Oliver is usually sleeping 12 hours at night, waking two times for feeding. He takes two naps a day for about 1.5 hours each. Connor started doing the same around that age.

    How old are they?

    Oliver is 4 1/2 months old now.

    Breastfed or formula fed

    Oliver: breastfed. Connor: breastfed at first, started supplementing with formula at 5 months, switched over completely to formula at 7 months.

    With both boys, when we moved them into their own rooms, we turned on a fan in their room for white noise. I think it provides a calming sound and helps block out household noises.
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    Where does your baby sleep?

    Jonna sleeps in her bassinet. During the day, she sleeps in her swing or bassinet.

    Do they sleep on their tummy or back?

    She sleeps on her tummy.

    What is the average amount of time that they sleep?

    About 10-11 hours.

    How old are they?

    Jonna is going on 3 months, but she's been sleeping this long since she turned 2 months.

    Breastfed or formula fed

    Formula fed.
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    Thanks ladies ! I appreciate the feedback =). Izzy wakes up every 2-3 hours so I'm trying to figure out what I could do to improve the situation.

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