Spring cleaning on perfume

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I'm trying to be good and get rid of the perfumes that I only like (and not love)in order to try to attain a signature scent (or just a few instead of a plethora of them) smile.gif :

Ambush by Dana Perfumes Corp--0.5 fl oz (3/4 full);
Since there are a few "Ambush" fragrances out there, I'll distinguish this one: The label says there is a burst of kiwi, papaya, and passion fruit with a touch of creamy praline-vanilla and sandalwood.

Emeraude by Coty--I have a few sizes from small to large

Gucci Accenti--1.7 fl oz (95% full)

Versace Red Jeans--2.5 fl oz (97% full)

I also have a few items on hair care swap board. I am open to swapping or selling. I may have more in the way of Spring cleaning, so check back and thanks for stopping by!