Can I post an update thread too?

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Since I've ranted lately on this board about a couple issues, allow me to update as well.

Connor will be 2 on New Year's Eve. He has finally gotten well-adjusted to sleeping in a toddler bed. He did well the first couple days, which gave me false hope, then he rebelled and wouldn't stay in bed. He went from being an awesome napper and nighttime sleeper, to resisting taking a nap and getting out of bed to lay in front of his bedroom door and bang on it. :-? At night I moved him back into bed once he was asleep, but I usually just left him on the floor for naps. Now I think he's finally realized that the bed is more comfortable than the floor, so he stays in bed. :sign7: Big improvement!

Oliver is still nursing well, gaining weight, and I don't feel any reason to start him on solids until he's 6 months at least. He has improved his sleeping too, thank goodness! About a week ago, he suddenly decided to go to a good 2-naps-a-day routine. I have no idea why, but hey, I'll take it! His nighttime wakings are down to 2 per night, and I'll take that too. Last night, he had one good stretch of 8 hours of sleep. I actually woke myself up at 3:00 a.m. expectantly before he woke up.

As for me, right after I posted a rant about not losing pregnancy weight, I suddenly did lose some pounds, and now I'm back in my pre-1st-pregnancy jeans, which I had been holding up on a pedestal for a long time. I still have a few extra pounds, perhaps in the chestal area (?). I've entered the oh-so-lovely post-partum hair loss phase, but otherwise I'm feeling good.

Here are a couple pictures.


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    Yay! I'm glad Connor is adjusting to his toddler bed. Danae still throws a fit. She was like him...we had three good nights, then she figured out she could get up by herself and didn't want to stay in bed. It's been getting a little better, though. She still cries but not for long.

    I think it's so strange that 4 months seems to be the magic time for so many babies and their sleep schedules. That's right about when Danae started sleeping well as a baby. I'm glad Oliver is gaining weight and finally letting Mama get some rest, too.

    Congrats on losing your baby weight! :) That's always a good feeling.
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    I'm so glad things are going better for you, Sarah!
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    what cute little boys!
    congrats on losing the weight too.
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    What cutie pies,your so lucky to have a good sleeper.

  • SigiSigi Registered Users Posts: 2,379
    They're so cute!
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    I'm all for good sleep habits. Glad everyone is well! And congrats on the weight loss. :)

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