Whats with all the talc free stuff?

tgreyztgreyz Registered Users Posts: 1,627
Didn't they used to say that you should buy products with talc in it if you have oily skin?

Now all of a sudden I see talc free products. Is talc bad? Are talc free products better?
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  • NeptuneNeptune Registered Users Posts: 1
    I never knew this, until I read it today, but I guess there have been studies that show that talc can be harmful and cause tumors.

    Here is a link with more info.
  • ~915~~915~ Registered Users Posts: 519
    It's supposed to irritate the lungs. They used to include it in baby powder for diaper area care, but now, doctors recommend against baby powder entirely, so we use diaper creams.

    If you're using a pressed powder, I wouldn't worry about it too much. Just don't breathe while you apply it. If you're using a loose powder, it would seem to me, personally, that it would be a little riskier.
  • goldencurlygoldencurly Registered Users Posts: 2,385
    CC is correct! Talc particles can actually cut into lung tissue and embed into it. This can lead to infection and over time, scar tissue. Both can damage the lungs promoting asthma, emphazema, and tumors.

    If you need to powder your baby, the powders now contain corn starch. Oil reducing face powders for makeup, like CornSilk, contain ground walnut shells which absorb oil wonderfully. If I powder, I use CornSilk. It keeps the shineys away and it makes my skin look flawless and with no pores.
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  • sandradeesandradee Registered Users Posts: 55
    I didn't know about talc causing problems for people. Good to know though. I use loose powder (Jane Iredale). I just checked the site where I originally purchased it, and sure enough, it says that it doesn't contain talc. I would've never even thought to check for that before. Now I'll keep it in mind if I ever change my brand...or when purchasing anything else that might contain talc.

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