Best Transitioning Hairstyle ever

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I found a style that actually worked with both my natural and relaxed hair. AND IT WAS SO EASY. Look:

umm... I can't figure out how to put up pictures but all I did was cowash, pin the front of my hair down with an off-center part, go to sleep ( I slept with a shower cap on for most of the night cause I didn't want to get my pillow wet and woke up at four for some reason and decded to take it off). Then I pinned the back going around (as if I continued pinning the way I was pinning the front) so the hair at my crown was out and it looked like a strange poofy waterfalland the relaxed part kept falling back so I used three or four pins to make sure it stayed down like that and then used a polka dot headband and was done in just about 5 minutes. THe headband was a stretchy one that went all around so it hid the bottom of the back part that refused to cooperate and my hair looked very fancy. It was a little Amy Winehouse but without the bangs, flowing hair, and a smaller poof.

It was so nice that my mother (who once referred to my hair as n-word naps and not in any "affectionate" way) liked it and called my grandmother to tell her that she liked it and my former teacher (who has the most gorgeous and wonderful hair- she's Italian and I would say has 3b hair that is always full of volume and life) randomly complimented me on it.

I really want to show a picture. Oh and, in case you didn't notice, I'm an aspiring novelist. Thanks for reading all of this.
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    I wanna see!!!!!

    Try uploading your pics at a free site like photobucket, copy and paste the url or img here so we can take a looky look!

    This time my transitioning style will be rollersets (big and small) and braidouts galore.

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    Hopefully this works.IMG%5D If not click here: 008.jpg or something. I don't know how this works.

    Thanks for your support Bubblinbrownshuga.You left a comment on another thread I opened which made me think a lot about what I expected from my hair. The other day the very undefined part of my hair had a few totally perfect 4a-ish curls. Not as soft as I was expecting from 4a hair but still exciting.

    If that's your hair in your sig, I only have one question: Wanna share? :happy3:
    The poster formerly known as Soude.
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    ima have to try it sometimes
    last perm-june 2008

    BC- dec 31,08/jan 1!
    whoop! finally all natural!

    hairtype-mostly 4a but a bit 3c also

    Visit me&my hair! :wave:
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    This is very cute! I may have to give this a try I recently was able to almost create SouthernTease's bun lol so I will have to branch out and try more styles :thumbright:
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