gah! Help please!

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My hair was happily going along, co-wash every 2 or 3 days, lemon juice in co-wash once every week to degrease. Anyway, my hair is now going greasy again! Not everywhere, weirdly. I have a side parting and the side which has more hair is getting greasy at the front. Also a bit greasy at the back. Some dandruff appearing too at the front... Attacked my hair with condish and 2 lemons-worth of juice last night and still no improvement.

My hair routine hasn't changed at all. Just original source mint and tea tree condish for conditioning and co-washing and VO5 gel for styling.

Any thoughts? If I do shampoo every so often, what shampoo should I use? I own one without cones: Naked Detox. Has quite a lot of cleaning ingredients but none of them as harsh as sulphates, I presume.

Thanks for any help. This is getting me down :(
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    You could try shampooing and see if that makes any difference. If it doesn't, then you'd know it's not a buildup problem and can start thinking about things like glycerin and protein issues.

    A lot of people on this site have had success with shampoo bars and ACV rinses afterwards. You might look into that rather than using a shampoo with detergents
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    My hair was doing that when I first started. I had to up my co-washes to every other day. You could also try brown sugar in your conditioner. That will help with the flakes.
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