Why do some transition for more than a year

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I transitioned before for 1 year and 4 months, which I think was too much, but then I hear of women transitioning all the way up to 2 years!!!! I love transitioning as much as the next person, but not for 2 years! IMHO, the years 1-2 of being natural are the best and are oh so fun! The hair is full of suprises. I can't wait for my big chop..or semi big chop.

Have any of you ladies transitioned for over a year? If so, why? If no, why not?


  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,060 Administrator
    I didn't last a year because 1) my hair was short to start with 2) couldn't stand the difference between straight ends/curly roots
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    I was able to transition for 14 months because my texturizer wasn't radically different from my new growth. But I was so glad to finally get those straight ends chopped off.
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    I am like Speckla...my hair fell just below my earlobes when I decide to stop getting relaxers. Did braids/weaves for about 8 months and then I couldn't take it anymore.

    I loved my hair the first 2 years....I could do so much with it and it was big like I liked it. Now that it is shoulder length I feel like I am transitioning again because the same products don't work anymore.
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    My main reason is that I have to have enough hair for a bun or pony tail. Secondary to that is that I just don't feel up to short hair at this stage in my life. I want my hair to be at least shoulder length.

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    I have transitioned for 14 months so far, because I didn't want short hair. I found it pretty easy to do mainly cos I flat ironed my new growth (not so good for hair tho!).

    I decided I wanted short hair last week and got it cut from bra-strap to just above my shoulders, but still have some relaxed ends on top. I am going to chop those off as soon as the top layers grow a bit longer. So yeah, length was the only reason I transitioned for so long. HTH!!
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    i have been transitioning for 8 months and plan on doing anywhere from 18-24 months (yeah i know). i haven't had hair shorter than shoulder length is a LONG time and I am not going back. i look much better with longer hair.
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    In a few days I will have transitioned for 12 months, my main reason for holding on was length. I do NOT look good with short hair and my shrinkage is ridiculous. I actually hate transitioning but I will gladly put up with the two textures if it results in extra length. Im just at bsl!!!
    I have some parts of my hair that when stretched are 6 inches but shrink back to 2 sometimes 1 inch. I plan to transition for around 30 months or until I have just no relaxed ends left.
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    In March I will have transitioned for 3yrs and I will still not have any plans to BC.....my reasons for waiting are: 1. I don't want to have short hair so I am waiting till my natural hair falls to BSL length unstretched. 2. This may be me trippin lol but I am scared that if I cut off the relaxed ends the way I think my hair is going to look is not going to happen and I will uneven hair all over the place with some sections curling and some not curling! 3. I have scab hair so i need to grow the hair long because I am prolly going to have to cut about 4 inches off my virgin hair when I BC. :king:
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