Back to basics

soapaholicsoapaholic Registered Users Posts: 28
After playing around with glycerin, honeyquat, mixing conditioner and fote, etc, etc, etc........
My hair says, "Go back to the basics!"
For some reason my hair responds best to CV or Soap and Sundries shampoo bars, a vinegar rinse, and simple watered down FOTE. That's all.
When I use a conditioner, my hair is flatter, especially 2nd day, and not as clumpy and shiny.
The only way I can condition is with honey/olive oil, coconut oil, or unrefined shea as a DT and washed out.

So, my order for an all natural conditioner base changed to a BUNCH of CV soaps instead!:love4:
Now I'll have to re-read that left over product use thread again :-?
cowash Suave
wash CV, Soap and Sundries bars
Braggs vinegar rinse
style Watered down FOTE
DT Honey/olive oil, coconut oil, unrefined shea

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