This pregnancy is weird for me

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Ok I've been pregnant 3 times before this and I think maybe my body is just telling me not to have kids for a long while after this.

My muscles (around my hips, legs, and belly) are so freaking sore. I got terrible GERD and heartburn with my son and it went away after the first trimester, but with this one I just started getting the GERD and it sucks, I don't know if I can do the next 22 weeks like this. I also thought the constant sleepy feeling would go away, it hasn't and my gag reflex is super sensitive. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I'm ready to be 40 weeks now. Has anyone else been through a pregnancy like this?


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    With the first pregnancy, I had really bad first trimester symptoms way into the second trimester. It wasn't until aboput midway into the pregnancy before I started feeling like a human being for a little while, until I got huge and felt like a manatee. I also had really bad heartburn with him, but that came later. This pregnancy has a lot less symptoms, I just feel kind of yucky all the time. But I have been sick a lot too, so it's hard to tell what the pregnancy and what isn't. I wouldn't interpret your symptoms as any kind of sign about possible future children, since each pregnancy can be so different anyway.
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    I felt like crap in all four pregnancy lol... I know some women do wonderful but not me.

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