Some bottle questions...

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I'm going to try introducing a bottle to Lydia soon. I've been putting it off and putting it off b/c there are really very few times that I need to be away from her. I know there's a possibility she may not take one now, so we'll see.

For those who breastfeed, what flow level do you use? I know I should use a slower flow, but then I went to Target and there's like 6 different levels! :geek:

Are nipples and bottles interchangeable between brands? I already have some Avent bottles that came with my pump, so do I have to buy Avent nipples?

Would it be weird to introduce a sippy cup for when she needs milk during the day and use the bottle for night?

I know it can't be that hard, but I'm feeling a little bottle-challenged right now. :p


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    I have to put in a plug for Breastflow bottles. Even the slowest flow nipples will drip some even when the baby isn't sucking. The Breastflow has one nipple inside the other, and the baby has full control over the flow (like with the breast). Dylan would get frustrated with the other bottles because he likes to take breaks without letting go, and his mouth would still get full of milk. With these, they have to work to get anything to come out. They come in Stage 1 and 2 nipples, and I'd recommend the slower flow for a breastfed baby.
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    I use Adiri bottles, these go by age

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    If you don't forsee needing to be away from her often, I would just start out by trying the bottles/nipples that came with your pump (of course, having your husband or other caregiver give her the bottle rather than you).
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    for the first month or two, we gave majerle breastmilk from a bottle sometimes and she used the avent bottles in their slowest flow. anything else was too fast.
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    I have had success in the past with Platex bottles, but now Soren won't drink from one. I wish I could hook up a bottle to his pacifier, he loves that thing.
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    Generally bottles and nipples are not interchangeable between brands, especially the wide-mouth ones because they all seem to be a slightly different width. A breastfed baby will generally need slow flow nipples. Ben used slow flow until he was weaned from the bottle. Nadia uses slow flow and she is 8 months.
    I've had good luck with the Playtex drop-ins system with both kids. This works well for me because you can put a milk storage bag right into the nurser.
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    I used gerber nyuck slow flow nipples with the glass bottles throughout all of his bottle feeding up to 1 yr.
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    I would just start with whatever you have. If you want to go BPA free, then you can use Evenflo glass bottles interchangeably with Avent, I believe. They were interchangeable with my Ameda pump bottles.

    Some other points to consider from my experience:

    My kids weren't fussy about the type of bottles, but they were both particular about the deliverer of the bottle. Aka NOT MOMMY. I've never successfully given either kid a bottle. They just have to see me and immediately swat the bottle away and start rooting. But they both took the bottle fine for other people. Both wanted the milk warmed up.

    You can do whatever combo of bottle/cup that you like. Lots of people for bottle for night and cup for day well into the toddler stage. Personally I think sippy cups, especially the soft spout ones are just bottles-by-a different-name. I don't think they are any improvement over a bottle in terms of dental hygiene or leakage or portability. Neither of my kids would take milk/formula from a cup as it was. And my son didn't even figure how to use a sippy cup until he was over 1 year.

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    PixieCurl wrote: »
    If you don't forsee needing to be away from her often, I would just start out by trying the bottles/nipples that came with your pump (of course, having your husband or other caregiver give her the bottle rather than you).

    Yeah, I bought some Avent nipples to go with the bottles, but they are the 3 month ones. After studying it in the store, I looked at the package more closely when I got home and saw that the newborn and one month ones are for breastfed babies. So I think I'll exchange them and start with those.

    Geeky, thanks for explaining that. I was hoping they were interchangeable, but figured that would be too good to be true. :-)
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    Both my kids took Avent bottles. That was the first kind I tried, and they worked, so that's what I used. I liked them because all the lids/nipples/spouts were interchangeable. When Connor turned 1, we wanted to switch him to sippy cups instead of bottles. We used the same bottles, but put a sippy cup spout on instead of a nipple, and I think that helped the transition. Oliver is still using the slowest flow nipple (number 1), and I'll keep using those as long as I'm breastfeeding him unless I have a good reason to change.
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    I must haver freakishly fast letdown or something, Aidan screams when given a slow flow nipple. He used to use Breastflow, no problems, and it was the only nipple he's use. Around 3 months of age, he strated to get frustrated with them- we figured out that the milk wasn't flowing fast enough for him. He's using an Evenflo bottle now, but screams and cries and refuses the bottle unless it's a fast flow nipple. We discovered this by accident- i must have had one leftover from Maya that I accidentally sent to daycare one day and he took that bottle no problem, but was fussy with his next one. The sitter switched the nipples and voila!

    Aidan also cries when he nurses during the day but nurses happily at night/ early morning. I think that must be when I have faster letdown or flow or something...

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