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Hi everyone, I just joined last night. I have learned so much just by reading your postings. I tried washing my hair with sea salt, baking soda and apple cider vinegarlast night. Then I used a "natural shampoo with baking soda, then I rinsed with a beer and followed with the "natural" conditioner. Oh, rinsed in cold water. But the top layer of my hair is still listless and blah while the underneath is nice and curly. It looks so ugly today! I want to go CG so badly, help...?


  • TwilightEyesTwilightEyes Registered Users Posts: 44
    what is your hair type? without seeing pictures my best guess is that the top of your hair needs lighter products than the rest of your hair. next time you go through your routine try sectioning the top ofyour hair and process that area differently than the rest and see if that makes a difference.

    did that make sense?

    3c on top and 4a all over
    acv rinse once a week; co wash twice a week
    still experimenting to see what works for me.
    It's A Boy!!



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