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imdeaftypelouderimdeaftypelouder Registered Users Posts: 5
This is a 4c crying out for help.
This is my 4th month since my last relaxer, and I've decided that I'm going to grow out my natural hair... I've already had 5 people asking me what my ethnicity is, this is just how insanely kinky my hair is. No one believes that I have Irish descendants.
Both of my parents have stick straight hair and have never had any experience with crazy curly hair. So I can't wait to adventure out of this silly chemical relaxer and break out into my curly roots... but so far that's all they are.. the roots!
I don't really want to cut everything off quite yet, but I feel really ignorant about how I should go about all of this. Right now, I just got 4 inches cut off of the end, so that way it curled, but my curls never cold after they dry. This is no matter what product I put in. It's making me so depressed, I can See the curls!
I have no stylist, so I'm going comando... it's just me! however exciting this is, It's also kind of scary...
Anyone got any tips or stories?


  • TwilightEyesTwilightEyes Registered Users Posts: 44
    I feel your pain. I'm a 3c and I think the last time i relaxed was in September. I didn't plan on going natural back then, but I've since decided to. I'm just thankful that my relaxers never really take properly or I'd be waiting much longer. My planned BC is on 12/31/08. My hair grows fast so I already have about 1.5-2" of new growth.

    I manage the two textures by slicking my hair back into a bun and wrapping it with a silk scarf to keep my edges in check. Try not to focus on your length. Focus on keeping the new growth moisturized and the relaxed ends from breaking. Make your hair happy and it'll make you happy.

    If you can't take the two textures there's nothing wrong with chopping early. It's only hair and it'll grow back.

    Good Luck

    3c on top and 4a all over
    acv rinse once a week; co wash twice a week
    still experimenting to see what works for me.
    It's A Boy!!


  • danniebelladanniebella Registered Users Posts: 26
    You should definitely try to get you hair plaited in corn rows or braids. But if you get them, don't get them plaited too tight.
  • vmochavmocha Registered Users Posts: 125
    I have been trasitioning with two textures as well...fortunately, my relaxers never took properly either.

    I have been struggling with style to wear until I was on youtube looking at others with natural styles. Long story short, I came acrossed Dr. Akbari. I do believe she has (in the video) two testures as well. She does this thing called a curly afro. It is very simple and she even shows you how to do it. You can also watch other people doing a curly fro as well!

    Good luck!
    -4b and THICK curlies....:afro:
    -BC Jan. 31, 2009!!

    "Jah be with you until we meet again..."
  • imdeaftypelouderimdeaftypelouder Registered Users Posts: 5
    wow that sounds awesome, I'll definitely look that up.
    When I was younger I rocked the afro, well no not really, but I tried. :D

    Does the bun keep it healthier?
    Now I've noticed recently that since I stopped straightening my hair that my roots have stopped curling and they are only frizzy.... It's really concerning... should I just be straightening the parts that are still chemically relaxed?
    Do you think the Curly fro would work with longer hair? sort of like a curly poof deal except down instead of out and up?

    Today makes it the beginning of the 5th month!:toothy5:
  • vmochavmocha Registered Users Posts: 125
    Anything that is low manipulation to your hair will be healthy for it. I saw that someone else mentioned braids/plaits but twists as well as a bun or pulling it back will be fine.

    I am not sure about your roots not curling up anymore--it could be what you are putting in it--or your daily regimen.

    Yes, the curly fro would work on longer hair...I want you to check out this chick named Curly Chronicles on youtube. She has a curly fro post and her hair is pretty long. it doesnt look like an afro though---you can even see how to do it. She has a lot of great posts.

    I hope this helps!!
    -4b and THICK curlies....:afro:
    -BC Jan. 31, 2009!!

    "Jah be with you until we meet again..."

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