4 month old 3b/3c combo laking luster

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I have a 4-month old daughter with a head full of 3b/3c hair. I wash her hair once a week with baby shampoo, and use lite grease on it. However, her hair seems to swallow it (grease) whole. Leaving it very dry, hard to the touch and frizzy to the eye. I've been searching the internet for some suggestions on what to use for her. And, because she is so young, I don't want to use a lot of chemicals. Can you give any suggestions on what i can use to naturally inhance her curls and keep her hair growing health?


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    Well, I would say stop using grease. It blocks moisture which her hair needs as most grease has mineral oil/pretroleum jelly or something similar.


    Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioners.
    The above link is to curls organic line of baby products. That would probably be all you needed if you chose to go that route.

    The shampoo you're using may be too harsh for her curly hair. Even Johnson's baby tearless shampoo contains sulfates!!!
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    When my baby was that young I used California Baby products which can be found at whole foods or Target. I used the shampoo ( and still do because it is tear free) the conditioner (I really liked it was thick). You can even use the conditioner as a leave in. I aslo used Jojoba oil daily or you can use burt bee apricot baby oil. All types of good oils blended together. and not mineral oil.
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    my daughter is 6 months I ditched the baby shampoo at about 4 months because her hair also looked dry and in general it was a mess. I started cowashing her hair with sauve conditioner for kids and I spray water and glycerin to keep it damp while i braid it or sometimes I use 99 % aloe vera gel( I do this when she's sleep) and I seal it with shea butter, and spray jojoba oil on her scalp. her hair is very happy. Almost all of the things i use for her are natural, except the conditioner.
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    I second a little vegetable gylcerin and shea butter.

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    Thanks so much for giving me a starting base for my daughter, it's very important for me to have her hair as healthy as possible. I read the ingredients on the hair grease
    I've been using and it does contain mineral oil. I'll post updates on progress. Thanks again:love4::sign5::love4:

    P.S. I don't want to sound silly but what is cowash?:? I'm really new at this
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    washing with conditioner instead of shampoo. Conditioner has cleaning agents that clean the hair and scalp without stripping it of all of its moisture. make sure you use the pads of your fingers to clean well, then repeat.Every once in a while you may need to shampoo. I alternate.
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    everyone has given you such great advice but i just wanted to recommend using burts bees baby bee shampoo bar. its tear free, natural and easy to use/control on a wiggly baby.
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    I use carrot oil by organics on my daughters hair, has no petrolium or mineral oil works good

    <a href="
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    I just used water and sometimes a sliver of vegetable soap back in my soap making days on my dd's hair, and a thinned out organic lotion as conditioner and sometimes a drop or two of EVOO.
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    My daughter is 5 months with the exact same hair type. I got really good advice from a natural haired chick at this health food store here in LA. She practically yelled it at me cause she was so passionate about it. And it totally works:

    Aloe Vera Gel (the kind you ingest and store in the fridge)
    Pure jojoba oil

    So here's my routine:
    1. I co-wash my baby's hair with California Baby Calming Conditioner.
    2. Comb her hair out with wide toothed comb or wide tooth den man vent brush.
    3. MAYBE rinse a little of the conditioner out but you don't have to. Totally up to you. I tend to keep a little on her hair. Or rinse it out completely and recoat it with a dab of conditioner.
    4. Coat her hair with Aloe Vera Gel. Esp the dry spot in the back.
    5. Use a quarter size amount of pure jojoba to seal in moisture.
    6. Finger comb to perfection.
    7. Air dry.

    I do this once every few days and wash about 1x per week with Earth Mama Angel Baby Body/hair wash which I LOVE. Keeps her hair nice and soft and smells great.

    But daily I keep her hair moisturized with Aloe Vera Gel and Jojoba. If I want loser softer curls then I JUST use the jojoba.

    Think of the Aloe as a moisturizing hair gel. The jojoba is moisturizing too. So if I don't want that crunchy look I just use the oil.

    Hope this helps. Natural-haired-chick at the store was so insistent that I had to try it and I haven't looked back. My baby's hair grows beautifully and always looks healthy.

    good luck! :wav:

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