GRR! What do I do?

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So far my natural hair has been wonderful. Then again I've had it in braids for some time. and only took them out a week ago.The "types" are kind of strange I'm fairly certain the back is 4a, but the top is super wavy and between those areas the curls come in different sizes. For all the ways I haven't been wonderful to my hair for the past few years, my hair has been wonderful to me.

Except the front edges. They refuse to cooperate and don't respond to most of the stuff I do. I was thinking that it might be a 4b type, but it doesn't seem to fit the description (It's s-shaped and doesn't curl). Then I thought it was frizzy but it won't respond to conditioning or deep conditioning like the rest of my hair does (even after I put extra conditioning on it). When I do a flat twist-out, the curls in that area look kind of like thick, loopy locs. (BTW, how do you get relaxed ends to curl right/ roots to not puff out with flat twist-outs?) it's really annoying because it's right in the front of my head. How can I fix it?
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    You seem to have different textures of hair. My front is straight with a slight s texture.

    What do you mean by the edges won't respond to what you do? What type of results are you expecting from deep conditioning the front? What are you expecting period?

    How far along are you with your transition? No matter what you do, the roots are going to be puffier than your relaxed hair, even with flat twists. You could try to roll the ends of the relaxed hair with perm rods to hold the curl.

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    When I first started growing out my perm, the newgrowth was pretty rough and I was afraid of my I was getting myself into. However, as the months have gone on, my hair is much softer and curls in what I'm almost sure is 4a with some 3cs. However, there are two patches, right over my cheeks near my temple... that just don't respond as well as my other hair. It's coarse, feels pretty dry most of the time and is about an inch shorter than the rest of my hair and it frustrates me so much because it's a bit hard to hide. I'll keep watching those sections but since they are small, it's not much of a problem. Usually I'll add add much more mosturizer or what-not to that section and sometimes it just doesn't take it. I want to label it as 4b but it does have somewhat of a curl but it's always so frizzy!

    I've never mastered flat twists, but when I do twists/twistouts, to make my roots less frizzy/puffy, I do it on pretty wet/very damp hair, go over a section carefully again with a wide tooth comb (this is after detangling), hold at the roots and firmly (but not tightly!) twist down towards my shoulders. A good moisturizer is very important as well!

    Btw...^^ When did we start getting spam? o_o?
    Hey everyone!~ I've BCed! Yay! (13 month transition)
    Last Perm: March 23, 2008
    BC: April 24, 2009

    Goals: To learn how to style my hair and continue to grow it healthy and happy!
    Hair type: :o 4b near the temples, 3c in the back/nape and 4a everywhere! Mostly coily-curly with medium-fine strands and medium thickness.


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