Poll: Trying New Products

mamato2mamato2 Posts: 34Registered Users
How long do you try a new product line/method before deciding to stick with it or dump it?
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  • msgibletmsgiblet Posts: 5,825Registered Users
    If I'm really going to do proper testing for myself, I will try it for about a week in different ways. If it doesn't work, I put it away and will try it again during a different season to see if it works better then before getting rid of it. Of course, I've been known to hold onto things forever determined to make them work because I'm a bonehead. :geek:
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  • starg2008starg2008 Posts: 219Registered Users
    i say a few months if it doesn't work in the summer i save it in the winter basket. if it doesn't work then i get rid of it or find an alternative use if i can. im a pj i try to let nothing go to waste.
  • amy51373amy51373 Posts: 1,204Registered Users
    A week with different combo's then like MsG said I wait for the season change and try again.
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  • kathymackkathymack Posts: 9,999Registered Users
    I didn't vote. I usually know the first time I use something if it has a future. I may try it in different ways, with different product or technique--if I see potential. If I don't, I move it on.
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  • breezybabybreezybaby Posts: 347Registered Users
    if a product works well, you can see and feel it the first time you use it.

    for me, if a product isn't working, i'll try to play around with it for a week or two and then get rid of it. There's no sense in keeping a no-good product around for longer than that.
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  • SuburbanbushbabeSuburbanbushbabe Posts: 15,402Registered Users
    Depends on the product:

    Shampoos and conditioners - one use is enough.
    Leave-ins/stylers and gels: 3-6 uses hair changes over time. Things like butters, oils and glycerin-based products that I couldn't use 1-2 years ago, my hair loves now. It used to love protein treatments - hates them now.
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