Hi I am new here and need some advice

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I am an Aussie currently living in Micronesia and am going back to Australia next week and I so need to stock up on products. I am more then confused after reading NC on what I should avoid and what I should use. I think I am a 3a-3b and currently use a combination of biolage/redken/joico kpak shampoo conditioner and always a leave in CO too (but I usually just brought a variety and hope for the best).

What products don't have silicones in them and does anyone have any reccommendations?

thanks so much in advance and I look forward to getting to know you all!!

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    Welcome to the boards :)

    I'd recommend the Pears conditioners (coneless AND cheap) and Biolage conditioning balm (which is pretty expensive, but worth it - it lasts a long time and is really moisturising).

    On what to avoid - my basic understanding is to avoid silicones and sulfates, but there's a lot of stuff on the general hair board about protein which I won't even pretend to understand. As for what to use, I'll try pretty much anything that doesn't have silicones/sulfates in it, seeing as that limits the possibilities enough already.
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    welcome.. :D

    I agree with amda re: pears and biolage.
    I also suggest if you haven't already checking out this thread

    lots of products suggested there..

    also maybe if you want share which state you're from so that other aussies near where you'll be will be able to chime in?

    I know there is a thread somewhere with really helpful basics...with links to other threads. If you're really lost google curly girl routine you should get some "how to's"

    good luck and welcome aboard :D
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  • AussieMedusaAussieMedusa Posts: 2Registered Users
    thank you so much. I am going to spend a week in Cairns (although I am not from there but that is where the plane goes from here).

    I am off to check the links now!!

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