Where can I buy this stuff?

tgreyztgreyz Posts: 1,627Registered Users
Do they keep baby oil and shampoo in a separate section from adult shampoo etc?

Where can I find hydrocortisone cream?

What store do you buy eucerin skin renewal moisturizer? I cant find that stuff anywhere around here. I haven't tried Walgreens yet though.

What section is the magic cream shave in?
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  • newlynaturalnewlynatural Posts: 84Registered Users
    Baby Oil and Shampoo is generally found in the same aisle as the diapers and formula.

    Magic Shave is probably in the "ethnic" hair care section.

    As for the others, if your local stores do not carry them, try drugstore.com. They have everything
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    Hydrocortisone cream is in the section with ointments and bandaids.
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    Remember that if you can't find something in the stores, you can get so much online now too. It's a faster way for some people and great for people who live far out in the country.

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