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    1) Eat a little more (lean protein, fruits, veggies, whole grains) to prevent you from losing weight due to muscle loss
    2) Cut back on the cardio (burns fat but too much does not add muscle - can cause muscle to decrease)
    3) Introduce more weights

    Your body will still burn fat (just not as fast as doing cardio) while doing weights and add muscle. You might see your weight go up a little but you'll be filling out with muscle and not just getting smaller.

    What do you typically eat in a day? That's an important factor in losing too much weight too.

    I'm a petite person too but carry my weight in my thighs and butt. I have found squats, lunges, and weight machines to be the best thing for keeping my thighs from being flabby or having excess fat. You want some padding on thighs for shape but building muscle is the best thing to keep them in good shape. Eating too little and doing too much cardio was keeping my thighs flabby and caused excess cellulite. I started eating better and exercising more efficiently and I gained 20 lbs of mostly muscle but my overall size didn't increase much.
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    You would do very well to add a few more fruits and vegetable along with more whole grains. Do you drink water?

    How tall are you and how much do you weigh? I'm 5'1" and 117lbs and smaller than I was years ago at this height and weight. I used to only do cardio.

    I do my lunges and squats with 10 lbs dumbbells. I started doing them without, added 5 lbs, and now 10 lbs. I do cardio about 2 days a week, max. It alternates between 30-60 minutes. I make sure to eat more carbs on days that I'll be on the eliptical longer. I love doing cardio and would do nothing but that if it didn't hinder my progress of achieving more muscle mass in my legs and arms.
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    When you say you do your squats and lunges with 10 lb dumbbells do you mean 10 lbs total (5 lbs in each hand) or 10 lb dumbbells in each hand? Right now I use 5 lb dumbbells in each hand. How often do you do them per week?

    I love doing cardio too I must say. I like the feeling I get when I am into it. I know I still have fat to lose (in more places than my stomach and inner thighs lol) so I don't want to limit it more but at the same time I know I need to do more strength training. I think if I joined a gym the machines would help out tremendously but I have a fear of the gym and I don't have much time to go right now.

    I'm going to try eating better and increase my weights and see what happens. Ugh, will I ever like my body. Is that too much to ask for? :-(

    1. 30-60 minutes cardio
    2. Squat, lunges, free weights
    3. day off
    4. 30-60 days cardio
    5. Squats, lunges, free weights
    6. tae bo video or an occasional 40 minute run/walk
    7. day off

    I will follow this routine for a while and then mix it up by doing Tae Bo (Billy Blanks) videos for a few weeks. Some Tae Bo with bands and a weightbar are specifically for building muscle and others are just cardio. I really like them.

    You can and should love/accept your body as it is right now. It's the only body that you have and the only one that you will ever have. Exercise to make your body healthier and don't stress about what you look like. You will be healthy and fit as long as you're eating enough and exercising the right amount.
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    Thanks a lot Speckla!!! Your routine looks good. Maybe I will look into Tae Bo, as well.

    I need to keep working on trying to appreciate my body.

    Tae Bo is fun as well as effective!

    You should love, nurture, and nourish your body. What good is life is you can't love yourself - all of yourself? :love5:
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    You're right Speckla!! I hope you feel better soon (read about the stitches).

    That you. I'm actually feeling much better today.

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