Since it was a year ago March 7

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that I had my mammogram detecting my breast cancer, I just want to encourage all of you over 40 curlies to get one. I attribute my good fortune in dealing with this to early detection and am now a strong advocate for mammograms. If I can encourage even one of you, I will be happy.

Btw, Sheryl Crow's breast cancer and the treatment she is receiving seem to parallel mine. I didn't have to have chemo either.


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    I hope you are doing well.
    I never miss my annual mammo and pap. So easy. So important.
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    Thanks Munchkin....

    I'm sorry to hear you went thru that, but so happy you are doing well today.
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    I had one when I was 35, I think my next one is when I turn 40.
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    I do want to say too that they stress getting mammograms at 40 but especially once you go through menopause. From all I have read there seems to be a correlation between menopause, estrogen, and breast cancer which is why so many older women seem to get it. So especially at this time of our life is it important.
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    Thanks for the reminder, and I'm glad too that you're doing well.
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    I´m having mine next Thursday, March 9.
    I´m very very glad you are doing well.
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