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Hey curly girls. I'm a 3b that needs some help.

I have struggled with products all my life. I am currently using CitreShine curl activating gel. It's actually for African American hair but it makes my hair shiny and defines the curls. However, it doesn't help with the frizz after a while. I have to keep applying it.

Any suggestions? I need a reasonably priced gel or cream or something. Let me know your ideas and how you use them.

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    make sure your hair is conditioned well! No styler can help unhealthy hair. :)

    I use Herbal Essences Humidity Defying Gel (HEHDG) to style with. I put it in my hair when it's SOAKING wet and plop for 10 minutes. I get really nice, frizz free hair, as long as I don't touch it. =P

    There are a lot of curlies that like the Curls cream stylers like Souffle, if you're looking for a cream.
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    i use garnier fructis soft curl cream and it works great..I very gently blot excess water out of my hair and then tip my head upside down after rubbing whatever amount I need over my fingers and run it through my hair. I try to avoid putting a lot near my roots, I just kind of grazy that area. It makes my curls super soft and a lot less frizzier then I've ever seen before and it's pretty cheap. It's $3-$4 for a 5oz container which lasts me about a week so I spend $12-$16 a month. :P
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    Thank you so much for the product tips. My hair is about medium length to long and the frizz is because over the course of the day my hair is rubbing against my back. I will definitely try both of the products you've suggested though. I try to do the no shampoo stuff and more conditioner so I'm pretty sure my hair is healthy.

    Thanks! I'll keep you posted!
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    I've found that spritzing some honey mixed with water on my hair to get it sopping again before I put gel in it really helps with frizz and definition. I'm growing my hair out so the back of my hair rubs against my neck and shoulders and it loses its definition pretty quickly. But honey helps keep the hold and makes it very shiny, too! There's a very long thread about honey a little farther down-- I'd recommend reading that and trying out some of their techniques. Plus honey is very inexpensive and it lasts forever since you dilute it with water! HTH. :)
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    Bumping for Sandrea and Pwnie, who are seeking 3b hair product advice..
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