I know this is an old pic of Rihanna but...

hadtochangemynamehadtochangemyname Registered Users Posts: 628 Curl Neophyte
.. I like this cut!


even though the whole stacked bob thing is so 3 years ago... I think my hair would look better at this length... fuller and it wouldn't drag my face down so much.
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  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,060 Administrator
    Go for it. That's a really classic cut. :love5:
  • buffiebuffie Registered Users Posts: 184
    I love Rihanna. And who cares if the cut was from three years ago. It's awesome.
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  • Tzu LoveTzu Love Registered Users Posts: 145
    That's pretty much how my hair is cut....my stylist also called it a classic cut. I like it! :love5:
  • AngularScienceAngularScience Registered Users Posts: 844 Curl Neophyte
    Go for it! I think it's a very cute style.
  • MissKinkyCoilyMissKinkyCoily Registered Users Posts: 827
    I love this do! But I am biased because I love everything she does (when it comes to fashion).

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