i have some questions about flat ironing

i posted this in the straightening forum but i dont know how active that forum is.

im a 4a/4b natural. for the first time since going natural, i tried to flatiron my hair but it didnt come out right. it didnt lay down and it felt coarse to the touch. i washed, conditioned, blowdried then applied john frieda frizz ease relax serum. and on some parts, i even tried grease and NTM serum. so my question is, what is the difference between a serum and a heat protectant. and should i use the heat protectant/serum on sections right before flat ironing or should i just apply a little bit all over before or after blow drying. i need someone to break it down for me. tia


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    I would like to know this as well! I just flat-ironed my hair for the first time in months this past wknd.

    Dolapo: What kind of flat iron did you use? I just used a Maxiglide for the 1st time, and my hair felt so much softer compared to my previous attempts at flat-ironing my natural hair (was using a Conair flat iron before). Not sure if it's the iron, or the method I used. Before, I used to blow dry (did nothing for my hair), then flat iron, and my hair would feel like straw. This time, I deep conditioned (ORS hair mayo), put my hair in 10 braids to dry (skipped the blow dryer), brushed each section out w/ a boar bristle brush, then flat ironed. My hair feels soooo much softer, and it was much easier to straighten.

    Not sure about heat protectant versus serum. I used Loreal Heat Control Protection Cream (or something like that) on damp hair, but I don't know if it's any good.
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    Whenever my sis flatirons her hair she cleanses and conditions it and then adds leave-in and heat-protectant and then plaits it into about 20 twists or braids and allows it to airdry fully overnight...

    And then she applies flatirons each twist section and it comes out great. she has long hair so she uses a SEDU, the ones with teeth pulled her hair out.
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    i used a conair. im fixing to buy a maxiglide soon though. next time, yes, my hair felt dry after blowdrying so ill skip that step
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    I can't help too much, but when I used to flat iron I used keracare blowdrying serum and it really helped with smoothing, while also protecting my hair.


    Silken Seal
    A revolutionary blow-drying complex that seals cuticle surfaces, creating a satiny sheen and remarkable softness.
    Creates a high sheen.

    Seals cuticle surfaces and laminates each hairstrand for a silky-smooth finish.

    Contains an advanced silicon texturizing complex that leaves hair soft and flowing with body.

    Significantly reduces styling stress, mechanical damage and breakage. (Styling combs and brushes glide through hair during blow-drying.)

    Completely oil-free. Dries to a non-greasy finish.
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    The trick for me is to do a rollerset first, then maxiglide my hair. Here is my routine: Shampoo hair, deep condition, rinse and use a leave in. I use ONE of the following combos: Maxius beyond straight and the end; fantasia ic styling foam and R OWN thermal mist protection. Both combos give me heat protection and shine. For my rollerset, I use medium sized rollers but you need a fine toothed comb for this part. The ends must be pulled taut around the roller or you will have fuzzy ends. I sit under a hooded dryer for an hour- your hair must be completly dry before taking the rollers out. I usually wear the rollerset for a day or two.
    Day 2: pull out your maxiglide and work magic. The maxiglide goes through very easily, you don't need high heat, one pass over each section and because you had a rollerset, your hair will have body and curls so you don't have to spend extra time curling and what not. Now, you can use your oil if needed.

    Routine #2: The other option is to shampoo, deep condition, rinse and use a leave in. Next I use any ONE of the following combos: Maxius beyond straight and the end; fantasia ic styling foam and R OWN thermal mist protection. Pull hair into a low ponytail so hair can stretch and air dry over night- no hair dryer needed. Next day, maxiglide - i have to use setting #5 without my hair rollerset but I still just make one pass over each section.

    It is very important to coat or protect your hair and of course shampoo that stuff out. I'm not into bone straight hair so this method works best for me. Hope that helps. The only time I've had a bad flat iron was when I used heat + oil.
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    thanks everyone for your replies. i think ill skip blowdrying and put my hair in braids overnight before flatironing. now im looking for a good flat iron. anyone have any good reviews of the MINIGLIDE?
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    I use Lets Jam Heat Styles Straightening Cream. But you have to make sure your hair is completely dry when you apply the product. Then use a Conair Iron, and my hair comes out fine. My ends are a bit on the dry said, but I think that was more or less because I needed a trim.

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    i received my maxiglide today and used it on my mom's hair asap. pics are in my album. :D
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    Your mom's hair looks great! Good work! How long did it take you?
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    it took me about 20 minutes. i passed the iron through each little section once. heat setting was on 2. she washed and conditioned and i use some giovanni direct then john frieda frizz ease relax (2 drops). i then blowdried her her and combed while doing that. i combed each section before passing the iron with the denman D3 brush. the teeth of the maxiglide didnt snag her hair and oh, i didnt use the steam burst thingy. she's like 6 weeks post relaxer. not a natural like me :lol:
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    Wow, it looks really great and 20 minutes is not long at all. It seems like an awesome flat iron.
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