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How exactly do you detangle and what combs/brushes do you use to help with your tender head? Do you just detangle in sections, but do it slower?
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    Even using my brush it takes me a good 30 to 45 minutes to detangle. I have to put my hair in manageable sections (I generally end up with 8 in all) , I then spray one section liberally with detangler (Doo Gro Anti Breakage Detangler) after letting that sit for about 1 to 2 minutes, I brush from tips to roots.

    Absolute worst detangling episode? Attempting to comb out in the shower with hair full of conditioner. Not only did I loose so much hair this way, my poor scalp was sore for a good 2 hours afterwards. No matter how gentle I was, it just seemed like combing creamed up hair made the tangles at the ends worse.
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    after shampooing, i wrap my hair in a towel and squeeze all around to soak up the major drips. then i smooth oil all over, concentrating on the ends and plait in 4-5 large plaits.

    i wait until my hair is about 80% dry (damp to the touch without leaving any noticeable moisture on fingers) then undo one plait, start at the ends and, using my jumbo plastic rake, comb up toward my scalp. when that section is thoroughly detangled, i replait it and repeat on the remaining sections until my entire head is detangled.

    i don't comb my wet hair. i think brushing and combing wet hair, even when it's coated in conditioners is unhealthy because hair is most fragile when it's wet and can easily be permanently stretched out of its normal texture.
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  • msjokermsjoker Posts: 1,658Registered Users
    Thanks girls for writing your methods! I'm gonna incorporate them into my routine because I think I'm tenderheaded.
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