Avlon Conditioning Retexturizing System

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I love my curls, really I do, but I'm considering a change now that my hair has grown so much and is so thick and difficult to manage. I have 4a hair, and have heard that certain African American hair types may not be compatible with thermal straightening, but I would like to hear why, and I would also like to talk to a stylist that performs these methods to get an accurate consultation.

I read about this product a while back and assumed that more salons would begin using it. I haven't seen any, except for one in Atlanta, Kevin Anthony Salon, that uses it. (I'm not into traveling to Atlanta just to get a consultation or even my hair styled.) I'm curious as to whether anyone has used this brand of thermal straightening product, knows anyone that has, or knows of any salons in the Northern or Mid-Atlantic region that performs these services.

4a, but i still haven't seen any 4a's quite like me.


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    Don't know the answer to your question but....
    There is a Straightening/Relaxing forum on this site. You may get some responses there.

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    Thank you.
    4a, but i still haven't seen any 4a's quite like me.
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    I can take a stab at it.

    Thermal reconditioning/straightening uses(I believe) a high amount of heat(in addition to other chemicals) to straighten the hair. This stype of straightening is better suited on people with normal-coarse hair. These types can *normally* withstand a high amount of heat(if the hair is healthy), compared to highly textured hair. Since most AA hair is fine, fragile, and dry in nature, this process can be the death of the hair, which is why this process isn't necessarily compatible.

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