Best hair advice you gotten here..

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I decided to start this thread because yesterday I was actually triming my hair like I learned here. (braiding and cutting the tips of it) Then I thought maybe other people or even I missed other great advice.
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    Since joining the site, one thing that I learned concerned reading the ingredients and determining if my hair likes certain things or not. I used to just use whatever. I never really paid attention to the needs of my hair. I assumed that if it was marketed towards curly hair, then it must be good for me. And we all know that just because it marketed for a certain type, that it doesn't automatically mean that it's good for you.
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    totally agreeing w shygirl! there are so many great things i've learned here, its hard to list. just know that before joining this site, my hair was okay. now its super healthy! thanks to all the ladies that have helped me along the way :wink: at shygirl.

    also, this site opened my eyes to different products/methods. the products/techniques mentioned here arent mentioned on other sites.
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    Definitely the novel concept of conditioner washing has completely transformed my hair care routine, as well as learning about sulphates and 'cones. I also love having access to all sorts of new products online to choose from! This site is really great.
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    Brushing for clumping and fingerstyling my hair.
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    Avoiding sulfates
    Using a satin pillowcase
    Trying out new products I wouldn't have given a second glance to find that they work amazingly well!
    Knowing that I'm not in it alone LOL
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    Always use a leave-in conditioner!
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