Student Council

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What have I gotten myself into??? I volunteered to be the teacher in charge of student council this year. It hasn't gotten started yet and we're well into November (I didn't get asked to do it until late). I just typed up some applications to hand out tomorrow. I talked to my principal and we set up a mini timeline for the next two weeks. The school will vote on the Friday before Thanksgiving. These are middle schoolers that I will be working with. Help?! I guess I'm just posting for support and to calm myself down, since I am really stressing over the whole thing! :silent:


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    Our student councils were never a big deal. All we did was organize fund raising and orginization for carnivals and dances and things. It's also a handy excuse to miss class. I don't even remember there being any teachers in charge so I'm guessing it's not a huge horrible job.

    Good luck.