Question for those who DON'T have split ends.......

TroDousTroDous Posts: 241Registered Users
What are you all using on your hair??

I'm getting a little frustrated now, I've been natural for about a year and didn't realize I had really bad split ends till I straightened (last Dec.) So after I chopped a couple of inches I vowed to take better care of them. I condition, deep condition, hot oil, snip, detangle (with wide combs & paddle brush)....

I use Elucence to CW and that make detangling a little easier, then I use Giovanni direct leave-in mixed w/a little shea butter & coconut oil. I use Aubrey GPB 2x a month and ACV a few times. And tonight I had a bunch of knots, split ends and mid-strand splits that I snipped.:x

So......those of you lucky ladies who don't get split ends, what do you use on hair?

If you don't mind me asking... :D
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  • st. louis bluest. louis blue Posts: 404Registered Users
    I no longer have split ends, and I attribute that entirely to using no shampoo. I now only use shampoo when I go to the hairdresser, which is every 4-5 months. My hair is very fine, and it turns out that even the mildest shampoo is harsh for me.

    I should say that until this winter I didn't use any heat on my hair at all, either. That has been true for many years, though, and before I cut out hte shampoo I definitely had split ends that had to be trimmed every 3 months before they would fray like a dandelion. I also use to texturize, which could be why I had split ends. I started the CG method just a few months after I started transitioning, so now that I think about it, it's impossible to know whether it's the CG or the no-chemicals that has helped my ends. I'm not entirely sure, my relaxed ends were chopped off about 4 months after I went full CG, so it's just hard to tell. Again, definitely no splits since I've been CG and all natural.

    Anyway, this winter I've had to diffuse until about 3/4 dry pretty much every day, so I 'm anxious to see how it affects my ends. I'm due to go to the hairdresser in May, so we'll see if there are splits.

    That's my experience.
  • butterfly22butterfly22 Posts: 103Registered Users
    1/5 years natural and never had split ends.
    I use oyin and qhemet products
    I wear profective styles in de winter
    I detangle once a week with wide tooth comb with loads of herbal essences conditioner
    I shampoo once a week with black earth shampoo
    Deep condition every two weeks with olive and honey

    Never got splitends.

    Maybe its the ACV??????????????
    4a/4b little 3c
  • TroDousTroDous Posts: 241Registered Users
    Thanks for replying ladies!

    st. louis blue:
    I have been trying to do the no-poo, but I need it because the gel flakes up....but I use castile shampoo which isn't heavy at all. I only poo once every two weeks or so. I really like the curly girl way but honestly it hasn't worked for me like I thought it would have. I have sworn off silicone like she said but maybe my hair does need a little bit.

    I just ordered some stuff from Qhemet (oil spray & sidr tree butter :D )
    I do protective styling too (twists or braids) and I still get these suckers.

    I think i'm gonna get something with some mild cones and see how that works. Thanks again for your ideas :)
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  • ConchShellsConchShells Posts: 67Registered Users
    I don't have split ends according to my stylist and my brief inspections. I attribute it to professional cuts (you can do more harm than good when you don't know what you are doing- bad angles, wrong shears, etc.) never leave the house without a leave in conditioner (basically protection). There could be so many more reasons why I don't have splits but this is all I can come up with.

    I use heat, combs, brushes, wear out styles and all the other things that contribute to split ends but I don't do these things all the time.
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  • TroDousTroDous Posts: 241Registered Users
    I I attribute it to professional cuts (you can do more harm than good when you don't know what you are doing- bad angles, wrong shears, etc.)
    I have some professional shears that I use only for trimming but Lord knows I don't know what the heck i'm doing. I'm so afraid of stylists trimming my hair I just try to do it myself....maybe that is part of the problem.

    BTW, you got some pretty hair!
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  • ConchShellsConchShells Posts: 67Registered Users
    Thank you TroDous and I return the same compliment. I can't wait for my hair to grow out like yours :D
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  • CherishCherish Posts: 1,847Registered Users
    I didn't even think that was possible... given the 100,000 (or so) of hairs on one's head...
  • jazzijenni81jazzijenni81 Posts: 529Registered Users
    i get raggedy ends only if i comb/manipulate dry hair. i wore afros and twistouts for 2 months and my ends suffered big time.

    i no poo in the am & pm, trim at the start of each season, and use no products other than leave in. i also fingercomb. this has been working greatly in keeping my ends healthy.
    *but i guess its easy to keep the hair in order at my length :wink:
    loose 4a, silky meets cottony
    routine: co-wash, add leave in or plain water, shake & go
    staples: elucence poo & conditioners, V05 & suave naturals, jessicurl too shea, AO.
  • atlantisrisingatlantisrising Posts: 263Registered Users
    I don't get split ends anymore, I figured it was from wrapping my hair up every night because I really haven't settled into a product routine yet.
  • imlaimla Posts: 163Registered Users
    It seems like you have a pretty good routine going. How often do you straighten to do your trims? I trim 3-4 times a year, but I've decided to trim my hair without straightening it because the heat definitely contributed to the dryness and split ends I had.
    Hair Type: 4a/b dense, fine, coily hair. Natural 13 years.

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  • CurlilocsCurlilocs Posts: 821Registered Users
    I think the reason my hair is not splitting is because of the constant moisture it gets, fairly low manipulation, and routine trims.
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  • TroDousTroDous Posts: 241Registered Users
    Thanks for your replies ladies :)

    I thought I was doing all the right things (except regular professional trims) but maybe it wasn't enough. I'm gonna look into the trims....I might have to take a special trip to NYC. I've actually only straightened my hair once since chopping so I don't think heat is an issue. I just got to suck it up and visit a professional stylist :(
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  • SisaSisa Posts: 759Registered Users
    I know I'm not a 4a, but what the heck - humour me! :lol:

    I don't get split ends, and they are common on long hair like mine.

    I shampoo with Lanza's Curls and Colour Moisturizing Shampoo, I condition with something cheap, actually - Aussie's Moist Conditioner, and I ALWAYS leave in Abba's Nourishing Leave-on Conditioner and a bit of jojoba oil.

    I sleep with a satin cap on, and while it looks silly and curltopia can't be convinced to try wearing one ( :twisted: :wink: ) , I think it really does help, as the hair is not moving around at night.
  • ILuvCurlzILuvCurlz Posts: 169Registered Users
    No heat for me! I had them when I had a relaxer and used heat on my hair. Not anymore!
    "Eventually I knew what my hair wanted. It wanted to be itself. To be left alone by anyone, including me, who did not love it as it was."
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  • TroDousTroDous Posts: 241Registered Users
    LOL @ Sisa...I'll take whatever advice I can get
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  • niclarniclar Posts: 110Registered Users
    for me its about moisture. I have thin hair with thin strands that can break and split if the wind blows on them to hard :shock: so I co wash every three days, finger comb or use a wide tooth comb, deep condition weekly and do a mild protein treatment every 6 weeks. I also do protective styles as much as I can in the winter.

    PW: lovely
    Natural 4a/some 4b type hair, Thin, cottony coffee straw coils

    Thought I found my HG (KKCC)..its good but Im sure there's better:wink:

    Curls Milkshake current leave in, Fantasia IC w/Olive Oil gel for smoothing/shine, Curls Goddess Glaze for Twist/Braid outs.

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