Blowouts and CG...and much help needed :/

ok, i tried to search but CG doesnt meet the 3-letter word length requirement!!

completely honest - i need a change. i love my curly hair, but i also love changing it up. i dont want to straighten my hair, i really dont.

pre-CG i handed over $35 bucks for this hair dryer plus attachements. i really liked what i could do with it - even though it has no diffuser. i dont think its NEARLY as bad as straightening with the brush attatchment - theres a comblike side which is what works better anyways....and it has ionic technology.

so what im asking is if its against the CG rules to do a blowout once in a while. it probly is, but to hear something from one of you would be great. if its talking me out of wanting blowouts or saying how bad it is for my hair, or if it will pull out my curl (i would hope it wouldnt but tell me if it might), etc.

thanks everyone!
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  • amy51373amy51373 Registered Users Posts: 1,205 Curl Connoisseur
    I haven't read the CG book but I would think that you could do a blow out every now and again. To me CG means more about the products you use in your hair such as the no cone's, sulphates etc than blowing out or straightening every now and again. I straightened on Halloween but didn't use anything that wasn't CG. I could be completely wrong so hopefully someone else chimes in.
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    I've been CG since this summer, and one of my frustrations has been that I haven't been able to do a decent blowout using CG products. One of the things silicone really does do well is protect your hair from the heat, and I haven't found a product without it that really works for heat styling. I'm a 2c, and have always liked going between wavy/curly and straight.

    The only way I've been able to straighten my hair since going CG is kind of gross, but it works: I let it get really greasy, by not even wetting it for several days past my normal washday. Then I flatiron it. The flatiron seems to cook off the grease, the grease seems to protect it from the heat, and it looks good for a few more days!
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