Are women with fibrocystic breasts more likely to have ovarian cysts/PCOS?

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I have fibrocystic breasts. My periods have always been somewhat irregular but I usually get one at least every other month, so I haven't worried. BUT, in recent years (I'm 27), I've also noticed more pain in my ovarian region. I always get a tight pain during ovulation, but sometimes I notice them at other times (though like I said I'm a bit irregular, so it could just be ovulation). How do you know you have cysts? Will it be obvious? Show up through a PAP smear? If I have fibro. breasts, will it increase my likelihood of getting other cysts? Or are they unrelated? I also have extremely dry skin and hair, which I've heard is a symptom of PCOS.

On another note - is the font size not working for anyone else? I hit the drop down key and see weird words and symbols where there are supposed to be font sizes. I'm asking because I copied parts of this from another site, and it came up huge. It wouldn't allow me to change it here so I had to c&p onto Word and fix it.


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    Huh... you know, I never really thought about it. I'll ask my mom later, as she's a registered mammographer and sonographer and actually helped diagnose my own PCOS. There could be a connection, but I haven't heard of it right now.

    I get strange tight pains occassionally too, though I'm not 100% convinced it's because of the PCOS. Mine was diagnosed when my doctor, after pressing on my lower abdomen during an exam, felt like my left ovary was enlarged. Scheduled an ultrasound and voila- "string of pearls" ovary, which is a pretty classic term for a cystic ovary.

    I had gone in to the doctor because of the symptoms though, completely unaware that PCOS even existed. I had always had REALLY irregular periods (maybe one every 6 months in high school), and had been on the BC patch for about a year being going off because I didn't have the money to continue it. After that, my hair started coming out in clumps, my acne flared up so badly it was embarassing and I was developing strange dark patches of skin on my neck and arms. Turns out that, combined with my difficulty in losing weight which I always just attributed to my body "being weird", all those symptoms are classic indicators of PCOS. So I'm glad I went in, and managed to catch the syndrome so early (I was about 22), before trying to conceive.

    If you think you might have it, I'd schedule an appointment with your doc and have everything looked at. When my mom went through school when she was younger, she was told PCOS was an extremely rare thing... that she'd see it maybe once a year in a patient. Since I've been diagnosed, she probably sees about 1 patient every week that has MAJOR indicators of the syndrome, who then go to their doctors only to have it confirmed. I think PCOS is a major issue nowadays, though I'm not sure if it's American's eating lifestyle that's causing it, or the hormones in our milks and meats. Something needs to be done though :(
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    Thanks. I don't have any of the other symptoms you mentioned. My main concern was the pains, and I get major breast soreness at the beginning and end of my cycle when I never used to. It could be just hormonal fluctuations. I have bad PMS when I never used to have PMS much at all - intense lows, really sensitive sense of smell, fatigue. I'm not overweight, but have gained weight lately in my abs and hips when I'm not used to having to watch my weight at all.

    My periods used to be more sporadic than they are now - coming at any given time during the month, and I'd often skip two in a row. I take evening primrose oil, which really helps get rid of the lumps in my breasts and makes my periods more regular - it naturally regulates hormones. I don't know... I'm about due for a PAP smear so if I continue to have any odd pains, I'll bring it up and see what she wants to do. My pains are not extreme though I had a sharp one a month ago that made me wince. Other than that, they're dull pains, and not what I'd call frequent - once a week or so.

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