"In Death" series

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I generally don't read books by authors who are known primarily for romance. However, I find myself addicted to the futuristic "In Death" series by JD Robb (pen name for Nora Roberts). Skipping past the typical sex scenes, what you find are great characters, interesting murder plots and humorous dialogue. Just finished "Origin in Death", here's a description of it:

"From Publishers Weekly
Set in the year 2059, this latest in Robb's long-running series featuring acerbic Lt. Eve Dallas of the New York police is the best in recent memory. In the past, Robb has kept whiz-bang futuristic effects to a minimum, allowing her world to grow organically out of dialogue and characterization; this time she incorporates science fiction elements—including the future of cosmetic surgery, cloning, scientific morality and physical mortality—into her plot, giving the series a big shot of adrenaline. Eve and her partner, Det. Delia Peabody, are visiting the Wilfred B. Icove Center for Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery on a celebrity murder case when the center's founder, old Wilfred Icove, is discovered with a scalpel rammed into his heart. Wilfred Jr., also a surgeon at the center, is grief stricken, as is his family and most of the rest of the country. Wilfred Sr., everyone agrees, was a saint. Except he wasn't, as Eve and savvy mystery readers will have already guessed. Eve gathers her usual crime-fighting crew around her, including her drop-dead gorgeous, fabulously wealthy, staggeringly brilliant husband, Roarke. Robb tones down the romance and ups the action ante as the team uncovers an increasingly horrific crime that builds to a race-against-the-clock climax that will have readers cheering."


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    Oh, I :love7: these books!! I'm totally addicted. I heard that at one point Mel Gibson had bought the movie rights to them, but nothing ever came of it. I think they'd make for a great movie!
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    I've read about 3 or 4 of these - my guilty pleasure!!
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    Love, love, love those books :love7:!!!! I have read everyone I can get my hands on. I don't care for the other books that Nora Roberts writes, but as JD Robb, those are the best books. Love the relationship dynamics and the personalities. Always an interesting read.
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    I have posted a couple of times without response for a book club in NYC where we really meet monthly. Any ideas about where to post it here and get responses? or why no response. I really need the deadline to read more and it is great to talk about books and meet people that way.
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    I don't live in NYC, but have you looked into local bookstores? They often have book clubs on different topics that meet right in the coffee shop of the bookstores - or they would certainly allow you to post a notice about starting a book club. Other ideas would be to search for local libraries/adult learning centers - there are often book clubs offered through those. Good luck!
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