John Frieda Glaze

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I was looking at my local drugstore's flyer and I noticed the John Frieda hair glaze. It's ammonia AND peroxide free! I think I'll try this in a few weeks:
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    I read a lot of really bad reviews on this glaze product but I ended up buying it for REALLY cheap from a friend! IT WORKS GREAT!! No joke. I loved the texture of my hair after I used it. I also used the John Frieda Shampoo and Conditioner first, like it says in the instructions, it left my hair smooth and shiny! Lemme know if it works out for ya! :clown:
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    Not gonna lie, I used this on my relaxed hair a couple of times and HATED it. It made my hair super hard and frizzy. It is also very messy to apply in the shower...sort of like if you started using chocolate pudding. If you get it on your shower, be sure to scrub it, because it stains.
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    i used it sometimes when straightening, well id add it on top of my deep conditioner. i like it.
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