KCKT & KCCC - I'm on the fence

toofrizzytoofrizzy Posts: 154Registered Users
Well I have to say I had very high expecations from this combo due to rave reviews on here. I have thick, dry 3c hair and I have now used it a few times and here's what I think....

Plus points:
Great curl separation and definition which lasted even in damp weather.
Elongates the hair so it lays 'down' instead of 'out.'
Great second day hair.

KT is nowhere near as moisturising as my previous leave in (SheaM) and left my hair a little dry.
Hair felt 'crispy' (I'm not used to that gel feel).
Where my hair is looser on the sides (more 3b than 3c) it looked a little stringy and straggly.

Overall I think the products are great if curl definition/hold is really important to you - my guess is that it maybe more suitable for type 4 hair rather than finer type 2/3 hair. Would I buy it again? - if it were available in the UK - yes - but is it worth the shipping from the US - for me probably not as I had to fork out $30 just for the shipping cost alone.

All in all a good combo but probably overall not any better than some cheaper alternatives.