Issues with Nourish and Shine

I decided i really don't like Jane Carter's Nourish and Shine. It is hard to blend into my hair and leaves little pieces in my hair if i am not careful. I even tried melting it in my hands and melting it in the microwave. I also think it stinks... Anyone else not satisfied with this expensive product?
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    I really like it. I found the best way to use it is a tiny amount in my palm and shoot the blow dryer on it to melt. Then rub my palms together and scrunch. My hair loves it though. I use such a small amount I'll probably have it for years and years. I've actually got 90% in the freezer and just a tiny amount in a little pot. I hope it doesn't go bad before I can use it all.

    Maybe put it up for trade on the swap board.
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    I don't much care for it either. I have to use just the very slightest amount or it can make me look greasy. I guess I'm just not that dry any more. I just slightly touch a finger or two to it, melt it between my hands and scrunch it in, but that's still sometimes enough to make me look greasy. A very expensive, largely useless item for me - I need to try to swap it since it was about $20, if I recall - maybe more.

    I have no trouble melting it in my hands and I don't remember what it smells like, so it mustn't have bothered me too much, LOL. Does it freeze well?! Just curious - I don't think I'll ever use enough for it to be worth trying, personally.
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    I swapped mine away quite some time ago. I could not get in my hair evenly and it made it limp.
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    I used to like it, but I used again yesterday...and yikes! My hair looked dirty and greasy from it. I never really liked the smell. I think I'm going to use it for my dry lips and hands when the dry winter air attacks me...but then after that, I'll probably throw it'll be a year old by that point and I'm assuming it'll eventually go bad.
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    I used to like it for scrunching out the crunch, but I now much prefer KBB's butter. The KBB cream is also good, but I prefer the butter. I find the cream is easy to overuse. The butter is a little firmer than the N&S is and I don't find it as greasy ... also you can choose the fragrance.

    I never like the J&S fragrance, but I'm not a floral fragrance person.

    I think for these type of products to work well you have to really be careful not to use too much. What I do is take a very small amount, really rub my hands together until the palms are shiny and then scrunch my hair.

    What I found I was doing was I kept scrunching until the crunch was gone .... that was when I overused it. If I have scrunched it once, I move to a new spot. After a few minutes the butter seems to soften the scrunch without leaving a greasy mess. If you scrunch, scrunch, scrunch ... you get lots of shine ... more than you likely want !!!
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    Wow, I have no problem melting this product at all. Melts between my hands. And I like the smell. I just had a tendency to overdo this product. It's just a bit too heavy for fine hair I think. The Nourshing Cream is supposed to be a lighter version but I haven't tried it yet.
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    I don't care for it either - even a tiny amount (and it is easy to melt just rubbing your hands together) makes my hair greasy-looking and limp. It may nourish but it doesn't give me any shine. I've given up on it. Disappointing. :sad7:
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  • DEL2CDEL2C Posts: 6,418Registered Users
    I really like JCN&S on dry hair after I spritz. Downside is by the end of the day my waves get pulled down from it. I just use a pea size and I don't have any issues with it leaving pieces behind at all. I also like the smell and it doesn't linger IMO. I wouldn't pay full price for it though, I got a good deal on e-bay that was before I really looked at the swap boards. Would I buy it again? I don't know, the jar is gonna last me so long by the time I need something like that there will be something else to try!
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  • brown_eyedgal20brown_eyedgal20 Posts: 412Registered Users
    I like the JC N&S. I received it as a sample from someone on the swap board, I liked it so much that I just bought some more on the swap board. I use it to scrunch out the crunch. I also like it on 2nd day hair. I am actually on 3rd day hair today. Today I added a little FOTE and curl cream to my dry curls/waves and then let dry, then scrunched out the minimal crunch that I had and voila! A little frizzy as I fell asleep on the couch last

    I haven't ever had a problem with limp hair and I haven't used too much of the N&S to make my hair look greasy, so by now (3rd day) I have used 3 large pea sized amts. Hair is far from limp or greasy. Guess everything works differently for everyone, huh? Even though I am CG I still have a problem getting my hair really moisturized. I leave in condish, use ck...haven't figured out the issue yet. Maybe an ingredient in something...?

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  • memesmemes Posts: 785Registered Users
    I love it and love the smell...I just use a tiny amount and rub it between my hands and then scrunch it over my dry hair. Lot's of things make my hair limp but not this...I actually much prefer it to the much lauded KBB butter.

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  • LoloDSMLoloDSM Posts: 3,778Registered Users
    I used to like the N & S, but my hair isn't as dry as it used to be. I get better results using Jane Carter's Nourishing Hair Serum (a non-greasy oil blend) or KBB's hair butter. KBB's butter isn't as greasy as N & S.
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  • amy51373amy51373 Posts: 1,204Registered Users
    Oddly I have better luck with the N&S than the KBB butter. My KBB butter seems more oily and I can end up using too much, but don't have that problem with the N&S.
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