good enough to eat

Sugar Scrub - for face and body

equal parts brown sugar, white granulated sugar, and olive oil, mix with a fork. (1/3 cup makes two applications, 1/4 cup makes one)

puree one whole very ripe peach (sans pit!) and mix in with sugars and oil, store in airtight glass container

makes two whole body applications, and is good enough to eat (I taste tested, it is yummy)

hello sexy skin!


  • I am: CurlySuperBlasianI am: CurlySuperBlasian Registered Users Posts: 30
    oh snaps!

    I'm gonna try it tonight ^_^

    hope it works!
    hmm.. perhaps, this might work good on my hair as well? :happy3:

    I won't risk it yet. I'll tell of my results!!

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