Modified CG help?

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Hi everyone...I'm a mostly 3a, with some 3b underneath. My hair, recently both lightened and highlighted, needs gentler treatment. I want to go sulfate- and 'cone-free to see if that helps,

I currently use a mix of products, mostly Ouidad and Curlisto. Other favorites include Alterna Texturizing Glaze, ArTec Smoothing Serum, and Curlfriends Gooey-Goo.

The cycle of using heavy products then clarifying and deep conditioning is ruining my curls. I'd prefer a simpler routine that will also allow me 2nd or even 3rd day, a gentle s+c, styling product(s), a curl refresher, and maybe a 'cone-less oil blend for frizzies.

Deva products' scent, except for original No-poo, is too citrusy for me. Jessicurl's products, while nice, seemed too lightweight (unless I was doing something wrong).

Which line should I try next? Tx for any ideas!

3a/b Botticelli curls, colored with Matrix Socolor (7R or RB? Plus highlights). Hair is more porous from coloring; canopy is quite dry.


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    I have fine, thin, dry hair and I use Jessicurl's TooShea as my leave-in conditioner. It is wonderful as a leave-in. Which of Jess's products have you used and how were you using them?
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    hmmn, I have similar hair, here are some products I like:

    Abba Creme Moist Poo (use about once every 5-6 days)
    Suave coconut condish
    abba nourishing leave in
    abba gel lotion
    herbal essences humidity defying gel

    (not all together though, def only one gel and only a tad)

    MOP C Curl cream is working well for me too

    I always leave lots of the coconut condish in as I rinse, then I can usually skip the leave in too
    2C/3A curls, fine in front, coarse in back. Likes: AG Recoil, CoN poo, Abba GL, Suave Coconut Condish, honey, HEHDG, Aura Hypoallergenic, MOP C-Curl Cream

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