Help with a twin 2 year olds hair

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One of my two year old twin daughters has spiral curls on the ends of her hair and the roots seem rather straight. Her father has curly/wavy hair when it is long as is mine. My eldest has rather curly hair and is a 3a. The twins sister is a 2b (non-identical). I cannot figure out what type of hair this twin has and how to care for it. I also think she needs is trimmed all over but my husband is afraid I would cut her curls out and they wouldn't come back.

Her hair has never been cut (except for trimming her fringe) and poor hubby is afraid he will lose her precious curls. I wonder if the hair is weighing them down. Could anyone help?



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    shes adorable!
    my daughter's hair looks exactly like that, but shorter--im still not too sure of her hair type either.
    i use a natural shampoo bar on her once a week (in the past i used burt's bees baby shampoo bar and now i use lush's seanick solid shampoo). i use conditioner on her hair whenever i wet it. ive tried kiss my face whenever conditioner and right now im trying out giovanni smooth as silk conditioner. so far, so good. kiss my face makes a spray detangler for kids too. as for stylers, ive yet to find something i really like. i bought deva curl set it free spray to cut back on frizz, but i dont like how it makes her hair stiff. its still touchable and soft, but her hair doesnt move. so i just use it on the back of her head to tame and moisturize the part that rubs on her carseat. alot of ladies here have recommended that i try [buylink=]curl keeper[/buylink] as a styler. ive yet to try it but i plan to real soon. also, she sleeps on a satin sheet in her crib and that makes a world of difference!

    i dont think your daughter would lose her curls if she had a trim.

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