recommend a "big hair" product please

I've been using Auro Hypoallergenic gel mixed with a tiny dab of Boots CC for the past several years and like it on my shorter hair. But I'm trying to grow my hair out (yes, again . . . It's down to the tops of my shoulders this time) and my hair is fine and thin and I want BIG wild curly hair but with decent definition and as little frizz as possible. I also want to avoid drying my hair out.


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    I found that using the natural soap bars (after being nopoo for six months) gives my hair more curl and incredible volume. They "freshen" it up.
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    I find Paul Brown GOO gives lots of volume. I put my products in the way I normally do ... right now it is a leave-in, curl cream, gel ... I do my skip curl, clipping, scrunching routine .... and then I add the GOO.

    Basically I add the GOO just before I start to diffuse it. I find it adds lots of volume.

    I also need to both clip my hair and diffuse it to get volume. If I air dry, I am guaranteed to have a damp flat head for the day.
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    If your hair can take it using the Denman particularly upside down can add TONS of volume and definition. (too much for me without the humidity so it's being shelfed) lots of curlies like the denman better than a comb.
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