Any one else shed?

For years and years my 3a hair comes out in clumps and gobs and ends up every where like a long haired cat, only my hair is still just as thick and no bald spots so it's not falling out. I keep it as healthy as possible and I color it but i don't tend to bleach and i never relax it. Does this happen to anyone else? Does any one know if i can make it stop or is it just normal?
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  • curlyjenn10curlyjenn10 Registered Users Posts: 2,034
    Curly hair sheds a lot - about 100 strands a day. So it's pretty normal.
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  • tika curltika curl Registered Users Posts: 13
    Everyone sheds ~100 hairs a day, but I think that while loose straight hairs just slip out over the course of the day or in a hairbrush, loose curly hairs stay tucked in curls until you pull them out. It can look like a lot when they all come out at once.

    I wouldn't worry if your hair doesn't seem to be thinning.
  • pelicanopelicano Registered Users Posts: 580
    I shed loads, and have to use a special brush on the carpet before vacuuming to stop it from clogging up! I also find that when I use lime juice on my hair it sheds more - I have no idea why!

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  • CelebrationCelebration Registered Users Posts: 134
    Yes, and it is embarrassing when I'm talking to someone and they start picking hair off my shirt for me.

    I think that since I started CG I've shed a lot lot less, though. Part of that may be all the raking through of conditioner - most of my shedding happens in the shower now.
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  • whatsercurlwhatsercurl Registered Users Posts: 4,049
    I have one friend that is always picking hairs off me. My son tells me that I left my kitten behind. :cat:
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  • RyanneRyanne Registered Users Posts: 686
    I shed much, until it looks thinner there is nothing to worry about.
  • DemCaliCurlsDemCaliCurls Registered Users Posts: 5
    I shed a ton and I started to worry as well, but since going completely natural I think I shed as much before and just didn't notice because I was chemically treated.

    I just need to figured everything else out and I will be fine.
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  • jaimersjaimers Registered Users Posts: 98
    I shed like crazy and I always have. my husband gets mad because I clog up the drains all the time and he has to dig in there and pull out the hair. One time it looked like a dead animal! :toothy10:
  • curlymaybecurlymaybe Registered Users Posts: 354
    jaimers wrote: »
    I shed like crazy and I always have. my husband gets mad because I clog up the drains all the time and he has to dig in there and pull out the hair. One time it looked like a dead animal! :toothy10:
    This product saved me me and my husband from many, many fights over the same issue. If I take it out to clean the tub and forget to put it back my husband will hunt me down and ask for the hair catcher thingy.
    You should be able to find it at Wal-Mart.
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    To the OP, I shed a lot too, but I find that my shedding is less scary when I comb through my wet hair every day. I don't think I'm shedding less overall, but less comes out at one time if that makes sense.
    As far as lessening the shedding, B vitamins are supposed to strengthen the hair follicle, making hair more resistant to fallout. I've also heard good things about garlic, both as an internal supplement and as a scalp treatment. There were a few recent threads on shedding, and they may provide you with more info:
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  • southrncurlssouthrncurls Registered Users Posts: 152
    I have one friend that is always picking hairs off me. My son tells me that I left my kitten behind. :cat:

    I had a strange man at 711 picking hairs off the back of my shirt. It was very creepy I got the heck out of dodge. :confused2:
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  • kat180kat180 Registered Users Posts: 6,280 Curl Novice
    I don't tend to loose much at all when I rake through my conditioner every morning in the shower. Only on co-wash days, when I have a large amount of hair coming out, it creates a big hair ball! Its odd that it really only happens on the days I either shampoo or co-wash- I guess the gentle rubbing on my scalp helps detangle and collect stray hairs- I hope Im not pulling them out- Im very gentle and haven't noticed any bald spots yet!
  • jaimersjaimers Registered Users Posts: 98
    I agree with Kat180. When I wash my hair, I have a LOT more shedding that occurs.
  • RaquelM715RaquelM715 Registered Users Posts: 8
    I was shedding so much over the summer that I started taking a 'hair, nail & skin' vitamin. My nails look great, but I am still shedding the same amount. Oh well, I keep telling myself that as long as I don't have any bald spots it'll be fine.
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  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,060 Administrator
    The cat is covered in my hair!

    I shed a lot (it's normal) and the hair I throw out looks like tumble weeds after I'm done detangling.
  • EfrizzabethEfrizzabeth Registered Users Posts: 8,792 Curl Neophyte
    I go through bouts where I shed more than other times.
  • DEL2CDEL2C Registered Users Posts: 6,418 Curl Neophyte
    When I don't wash for a couple days the shedding is a lot worse, but I still shed worse than the the dog and the cat :confused3:
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  • violetcurlsvioletcurls Registered Users Posts: 434 Curl Neophyte
    I shed a ton. It's annoying. :goofy: My hair seems to shed less since I've had it layered, though. Kind of weird. I hate it when my clothes are covered with clumps of my hair and I don't realize it and then my sister points out that for the last 3+ hours I've had a hairball on my back. :roll:

    To CurlyMaybe: This looks great. My mom and I were having problems with this. I've done everything from hang a plastic trash bag in the shower to leaving a little trash can (that's supposed to be in my room) outside for every last strand of hair. This is extremely hard to do. We need a shedding smilie.
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  • curlymaybecurlymaybe Registered Users Posts: 354
    More guano:
    The hairstopper is a wonderful invention. Before I bought it I had to remove a clog from the drain every three weeks. My curly hair and hubby's straight hair weave together to make an impenetrable hair clog. Oh, and if your drain becomes clogged this will clear it without chemicals or tools.
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  • rudeechickrudeechick Registered Users Posts: 6,726
    IMO what affects shedding in me:

    -When I wore my hair straight (slips out more easily)
    -Hormones (pregnancy and cyclical)
    -How frequently I wash/how thoroughly I scalp massage
    -What I use to wash (I shed more on the rare occasion when I use shampoo then I do with CO wash or even the poo bars)
    -Extreme stress

    In the past I have also had excessive shedding due to a bout of Alopecia.
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