Growing out hair while coloring

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Hello all. :)

I'm new here --what an excellent forum for curlies!

Here is my question/dilemma: I am a 3a. I have my hair colored using Aveda color about once every 8 weeks. I use Aveda because it's gentler on my hair, and also because they have an unlimited color palette --meaning they literally create a color for you.

My hair is chin-length right now, but I would like to grow it out another 3-4 inches. The problem is not growing it out; the problem is keeping it healthy without regular trims while growing it out since I get it colored. I've been reading this forum for about 4 days now, but I am currently completely overwhelmed by the sheer volume of tips lol.

I wash my hair every other day with an organic shampoo and conditioner (Giovanni), and I also spray in an organic leave-in conditioner. The only other product I use on my hair is Be Curly Curl Enhancing Lotion, which I love. I air-dry only. I'm not going to do the "low/no-poo" method because it makes me a little nervous.

Is there anything I can do to my hair to keep it healthy while growing out, while still being able to continue coloring? When my hair gets too damaged, it's frizz galore, so I'm hoping to avoid that lol. I keep seeing posts mentioning honey, and a few other things.

Thanks for any tips you can give me!
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    I would suggest weekly deep treatments and to make sure your hair is getting enough moisture. Be sure to use a good moisturizing conditioner. I like the Giovanni leave-in, but the other conditioners didn't provide enough moisture for me. I like Kenra Moisturizing, AOHR, and the KBB products. the KBB products are super moisturizing and natural, which is nice.
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    Thanks very much for the reply! I found a DT recipe here that I had the ingredients on hand for, so I tried it tonight. So far it feels very soft.
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