I'm new! yay!

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Hi everyone. I am a newbie :compress:. In transition from a relaxer :thumright:. I used to assume I was a 3C/4A but I think I will just claim the 3C because thats what more of the hair looks like as it grows in. I am in transition for a LONG haul...like I want to do 18-24 months. I am only at month 7..:sad7: but I'm getting there. Tips would be appreciated...or just a hello lol
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    Hello! Welcome to the boards. I'm sure you'll find just about anything you're looking for here.

    Good luck w/your transition!

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    welcome, you're in the right place

    for advice and support visit the transitioning forum. curlpix has some fab natural hair styles.

    poke around and have fun

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    Hey!!! I'm a newbie too!!!! Glad you're here! I did the same thing back in '05. I feel you girl!!!
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    Welcome and good luck on your transition. It takes a lot of patience but it can certainly be done. You are in the right place. :)

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